Black Ink Crew: Atlanta on the cards as Ceaser makes Sky the manager

Sky breaks the news that she will be the new manager of Black Ink Atlanta
Sky breaks the news that she will be the new manager of Black Ink Atlanta

Sky breaks some big news on Black Ink Crew this week — Ceaser Emanuel’s new tattoo studio is in Atlanta, and she is going to be the manager.

That means fans can likely look forward to a Black Ink Crew: Atlanta spinoff soon!

Ceaser opened his Black Ink Atlanta store last month, with the shop putting the word out that they were looking for new hires.

If the spinoff goes ahead, the show would join the main Harlem-based Black Ink Crew, and the first spinoff Black Ink Crew Chicago, in the VH-1 line-up.

Black Ink Crew has been a ratings winner for VH1, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they expand the show to Atlanta.

Ceaser is also opening a new shop in Orlando on May 5, but the Atlanta one is more likely to be the subject of a spinoff — although both could potentially feature.

Black Ink Crew Chicago has nothing to do with Caesar and his crew, but with him opening the new shop in Atlanta that could well form the basis for a southern spinoff.

Watch the clip below from this week’s episode as Sky, who recently had a fall-out with Ceaser, breaks the news to the others in the Harlem studio.

First she asks for a drum-roll to reveal the location of the new shop, and then she does a little pop star-esque twirl to reveal that she is going to be the manager.

However, things kick off later in the episode when Donna says she is not deserving of her promotion.

Sky recently posted a pic on her Instagram of her new Atlanta pad.

Meanwhile, also on this week’s Black Ink Crew, Ceaser — who has been in the doghouse with Miss Kitty — tries to make amends.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1.

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