Big Ed’s big secret on Before the 90 Days might be enough to send Rosemarie running

Big Ed has a big secret and he's afraid it could cause Rosemarie to dump him on 90 day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Big Ed has a big secret and he’s afraid it could cause Rosemarie to dump him. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed has quickly become one of the most popular cast members from Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, but he’s hiding a big secret from his girlfriend Rosemarie, and if he tells her, she might end their relationship.

At least that’s what Ed is afraid of so he’s still holding on to some information that he really needs to reveal to his much younger Filipino girlfriend.

We’re not talking about his height. There’s that too. Ed told Rosemarie that they are the same height. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and he does not. He’s actually just 4 feet 11 inches tall. He doesn’t seem to think that will be a deal-breaker.

Ed and Rosemarie video chat too, so his appearance isn’t going to be a big surprise.

Ed has a bigger secret

What’s worse than being a few inches shorter than originally claimed? Well, it turns out that Big Ed doesn’t want to have any more babies.

He’s perfectly fine with helping Rosemarie raise her young son but when it comes to having a baby together, he’s not on board. Apparently, more kids is something that Rosemarie has said that she wants.

Instead of having a conversation about their relationship and future family plans, Ed has talked about taking matters into his own hands. He admits on Before the 90 Days that he wants to get a vasectomy and he’s even come close to doing it a couple of times.

The problem is, Rosemarie doesn’t know.

Should Ed tell Rosemarie how he really feels?

Now, Ed is on the fence about telling her because he doesn’t want Rosemarie to dump him. But he’s adamant that he doesn’t want to have more kids. After all, his only daughter is grown and out of the house. So while he’s happy to step in as stepfather to Prince, he’s not trying to delay retirement any longer than necessary.

One can imagine that she won’t be happy to hear any of this but is having a vasectomy and keeping it a secret the way to go? The answer is a firm no — honesty is key. Rosemarie will know Ed lied about his height as soon as she sees him but he needs to come clean about his plans to procreate — or not — and let her decide if she wants to move forward.

Nothing would be worse than letting a woman think she is trying to grow her family only to find out later that it never would have happened. He would be setting himself up for another divorce and even more heartbreak if they were even to make it that far.

We’ll see if Ed and Rosemarie will even need to talk about babies once he touches down in The Philippines and gets to meet his much younger love face-to-face.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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