Big Ed trolls Jenny Slatten after their ugly Tell All fight

Close ups of Ed Brown and Jenny Slatten side by side
Big Ed Brown trolled Jenny Slatten after their latest dramatics. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers watched franchise alums Big Ed Brown and Jenny Slatten have a showdown of words toward each other during the Season 7 Tell All. Now, Ed is trolling Jenny with a comment on a clip of one of their exchanges.

At the Tell All, Jenny grew fed up with Ed’s behavior, treatment of his fiancee Liz Woods, and insults towards all the cast members.

On the Tell All stage, Ed told Jenny to stop talking, saying she had her turn to talk the day before. Jenny did not back down and let Ed know that she would speak whenever she wanted and then criticized him for hurling insults at everyone on stage.

Ed went so far as to tell Jenny to “shut up” at one point. Jenny screamed at Ed to “be quiet” and later vocalized, “He is the worst thing I’ve ever met in my life.”

Another contentious exchange happened between the two while backstage in the break room when Jenny became fed up with what Ed was saying and got up to leave while remarking, “F**k man, this dude, where did you find this guy?”

Ed responded, “Uh India,” to which Jenny slammed, “Oh hell no they wouldn’t even give you a visa.”

On his Instagram Story, Ed reshared the clip of their breakroom exchange that was shared on the official 90 Day Fiance TikTok account and decided to troll Jenny with his caption over the video.

Ed jabbed, “I like her lol..!”

Big Ed Brown also had a nasty verbal exchange with Jovi Dufren

During the Tell All, Jovi Dufren called Ed out several times for the way he was speaking to the women and wives on the stage and for how he was speaking to Liz.

Jovi called Ed disrespectful and told him a few times after the Tell All that someone would “beat his a**” if they were anywhere else and he was acting like that.

When Jovi started coming for Ed on the Tell All stage, Ed reacted by relentlessly calling Jovi a “p***y,” a notion both Jovi and his wife Yara Zaya gave no credence to.

Big Ed and Liz are still together

Despite all the ugliness and drama that aired at the Tell All, and Liz’s condemnation of it, she is back with Ed present day.

Ed asked for his engagement ring back from Liz during the Tell All, revealed that he kicked her out of his house, was caught in a lie about talking to his ex, Rosemarie Vega, and told Liz she was “performing” when she didn’t have his back after he got caught in the lie.

Between all of that, Liz said she was solid in her decision to no longer maintain a relationship with Ed at the end of the Tell All. However, that is proving to be all talk, as the pair were in a video Ed posted yesterday where they were dancing and “living our best life.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Discovery+.

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