Big Ed disgusts fans with vulgar comments from Part 2 of The Single Life Tell All

Big Ed
Big Ed said some very crass things during one part of The Single Life Tell All about freezing his sperm. Pic credit: TLC

A never-before-seen clip of Big Ed getting his sperm frozen was played during the 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life Tell All, and his comments in the scene were very vulgar and shocked viewers and his castmates.

Ed is known for not holding back the things that are on his mind, and he loves to make jokes. He was trying to be funny and overshare when he commented about having to ejaculate into a cup during the process of freezing his sperm.

Ed explained during the Tell All that he didn’t want more kids and was planning on getting a vasectomy, but that Liz wanted him to freeze his sperm so that they could potentially have the option of having a baby one day.

Big Ed’s comments grossed out fans

Ed’s choice words did not go over well with viewers, who got a bad mental picture painted about Ed’s experience.

Viewers thought that the humor he was attempting just came off as scummy and that his sex jokes were definitely inappropriate.

Ed’s behavior at the Tell All, and the things about him that came to light, really put fans off of Ed so when this never-before-seen clip was played it took things too far.

IG comments about Big Ed
Fans expressed their discontent with Ed’s comments about the process of freezing his sperm. Pic credit: @ghostof_lisasbabytoe/Instagram

Liz said that she was the one who pushed him to do the sperm freezing because she didn’t want the option of having kids with Ed taken away from her.

Are Liz and Ed still together after the Tell All?

Liz and Ed showed up to the Tell All broken up after Ed dumped her and took off to Vegas and was pictured with much younger women.

During the Tell All, however, it seemed like Liz really missed Ed and accepted his different apologies, much to the annoyance of her castmates who expressed their disdain for Ed. Liz listened to everything Ed had to say and still wanted to give their relationship another shot.

Liz’s stipulation for getting back together was that they go to couples counseling before making it official.

Liz posted about their breakup in early May, which was most likely after the Tell All, and she has since removed anything having to do with her and Ed off of her Instagram page.

The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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