Big Ed blasted by 90 Day Fiance fans for crude joke about Jovi Dufren

90 Day Fiance stars Big Ed Brown and Jovi Dufren screenshot
Big Ed Brown bashed for trying to mock Jovi Dufren. Pic credit: Discovery+

Big Ed Brown had the audacity to make fun of Jovi Dufren’s appearance, but 90 Day Fiance fans were not having it!

They took to social media to blast the 58-year-old over the crude post where he had someone create a cartoon version of Jovi with oversized lips.

Big Ed first made the joke about Jovi on the latest episode of Day Fiance: The Last Resort during a sex education class with all the couples.

No one was amused by the comment then, and when he shared it again online, it also fell flat.

However, unlike Big Ed’s castmates — who didn’t say anything when he made the rude remark — viewers are bashing him for being a bully.

This is not the first time the photographer has been called out for his inappropriate jokes, it’s a major problem in his relationship with Liz Woods.

While she has been taking the therapy sessions seriously in an attempt to fix their relationship, the same can’t be said for Ed, who’s been making light of the situation.

Big Ed Brown makes a recycled joke about Jovi Dufren’s appearance

Big Ed tried to shift the focus off himself as things got awkward during a therapy session focused on sex education.

His fiance Liz got brutally honest and revealed that things were not going well in the bedroom. However, it was Ed’s corny joke about Jovi that had us rolling our eyes.

He didn’t get the laugh he had anticipated when he exclaimed, “Have you seen the size of Jovi’s mouth? He could fit that whole cucumber in there sideways.”

Ed wasn’t done yet, he later posted a cartoon reenactment with Jovi using the voiceover clip from the episode.

However, 90 Day Fiance viewers were not amused when they saw it on TV, and they still didn’t find it funny when he recycled the corny joke on Instagram.

“Have you seen the size of @jovid11 mouth? We got sex ed on the latest episode, have you seen it?” he captioned the post.

90 Day Fiance fans blast Big Ed and call him a ‘bully’

After the controversial TLC star posted the clip online, viewers had a lot to say.

One viewer said “You act like a victim of bullying because of your looks, but then bully literally everyone you come in contact with. You need to rewatch these scenes and see the face of every person in the room after your ‘jokes.’ Not a single laugh.”

“Always playing the victim or the bully. I’m so tires of seeing you on the show,” wrote someone else.

One Instagram user exclaimed, “The more air time you get the more obnoxious you get grow up man child.”

Big Ed Brown blasted on Instagram
Pic credit: @thisisbiged/Instagram

One person noted, “You’re lucky he didn’t deck you.”

“Omg grow tf up you look like a f o o l,” commented someone else.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC, Max, and Discovery+.

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22 days ago

Boy has he got room to talk!

susanna rowe
susanna rowe
22 days ago

I can’t stand you maybe you should look in the mirror because you look like a BIG FAT BULLFROG!!!! Ed .

22 days ago

I guess he never heard about people who live in glass houses.

mary jean
mary jean
21 days ago

He is the rude insecure childish guy,,And he thinks he prefect…When in fact he is so far from a real man you can get…Have no like for at all,,

20 days ago

Just get off the show he’s not going yo change an Liz Run,Run,Runn

Lonice Rae Bemis
Lonice Rae Bemis
20 days ago

Nothing to look at ED, Liz doesnt deserve you and can do 1000% better!!!!!!!

2 days ago

~*~*~*~ Funny how you don’t know someone, until you R-E-A-L-L-Y know someone. I really liked ‘Lil’ Ed” in the beginning…… But “NOW?” Gawd…. his inner sole makes his outside appearance suddenly 10X uglier than he already is. I do hope that when Liz grows up, she’ll realize she’s smart, beautiful, and worthy of a REAL man, instead of playing with a useless beach ball back and fourth, back and fourth…… Game OVER Liz…. and “YOU” call it! ~~SCORE!~~