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Big Brother ratings have officially rebounded for summer 2020 season

Enzo Palumbo BB22 Comp
Enzo Palumbo is one of the cast members on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother ratings started out rough this summer, possibly due to CBS viewers not knowing when to watch it, but also likely due to the cast that was put together.

Called Big Brother All-Stars 2, the group of houseguests playing the game isn’t considered to be true All-Stars by many viewers. However, they are the people that CBS and show producers could convince to play the game during a pandemic.

Now, it seems that the Big Brother ratings have rebounded and that even more viewers from the key demographic are tuning in to watch the show each week.

That’s all great news for the reality competition show, even as live feed subscribers continue to get extremely frustrated about the feeds getting turned off for hours on end this summer.

Updated Big Brother ratings for All-Stars 2

As we previously reported, the viewership numbers for the September 20 episode set a new high-water mark for the show this summer. It was the most-watched episode of the season, and the numbers have remained right around there since then.

Over the last three episodes, the estimated number of viewers was 4.17, 4.21, and 4.15 million viewers. The latest number could get adjusted up, as it was just the preliminary report from September 27.

And regarding the key demographic of viewers aged 18-49 — those are the viewers that lead to high advertising dollars — the show put together its best week of the season. That’s extremely impressive as the NFL has returned, and other networks are trying to nab viewers with shows like The Masked Singer.

With a Triple Eviction episode coming up this week, it would not be surprising if CBS saw another bump in overall viewership, even as the BB22 cast dwindles to just six people playing for the $500,000 prize.

Big Brother 23 could be on the horizon

There have definitely been some rough patches with the show this summer, and a lot of complaints from fans about the show getting predictable and frustrating. At the same time, the show is still winning timeslots and has nearly rebounded to the numbers that Big Brother 21 had last summer.

Average viewership numbers may be down from where the show once was in the weekly ratings years ago, but that’s the case for every long-running television show right now. If the casting director and producers work to put together a new group of people for Big Brother 23, then the viewers are likely to return.

That sentiment of having viewers attached to the program goes a long way to getting a renewal. With how profitable the reality competition show continues to be, it’s starting to look like a renewal is almost guaranteed at this point.

And as for the current season, it will be very interesting to see who fans select as their favorite player from the Big Brother 22 cast. A new poll from Joker’s Updates has an evicted houseguest leading the way.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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