Big Brother live feed spoilers: Did Da’Vonne find out about Nicole’s lie?

Nicole Meets Zingbot BB22
Nicole Franzel got to meet Zingbot again on Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother live feed spoilers heavily hint at Da’Vonne Rogers now knowing that Nicole Franzel lied to her about that eviction vote.

When the feeds went down, Nicole and Daniele Donato were still pressing hard for Da’Vonne to believe that it was David Alexander who has been lying to her all season.

In fact, Da’Vonne had even pleaded with Dani and Nicole to make sure that she didn’t look foolish by accusing David of something he didn’t do. Instead of caring about what she was going through, Dani and Nicole pushed the lie even harder.

As a quick reminder about what is going on, at the last Eviction Ceremony, Nicole voted to evict Ian Terry but told Da’Vonne that she had voted to evict Tyler Crispen. Dani backed her up, leading to a lot of bad feelings from Da’Vonne toward David.

David figured out that Da’Vonne was being played in the house and tried to warn her about it, but Da’Vonne was entrenched with the belief that Dani and Nicole were being extremely trustworthy.

Did Da’Vonne learn the truth while the feeds were down?

The Big Brother live feed spoilers that might be of most interest come from a conversation that Da’Vonne and Kevin Campbell had right after Nicole left a room. This happened after the feeds had been down for roughly 22 straight hours.

It appears that Da’Vonne knows that Nicole lied. We don’t know how she knows yet, but it may have come from the wall-yeller that got the feeds shut down.

The video of that conversation is shared below. In it, Da’Vonne can be heard saying, “She’s like running from me. Which is weird. Her conscious is like tearing her soul apart. And I don’t know if she’s that privileged in her mind that she thinks I’m going to come talk to her.”

Is the Dani and Nicole alliance now done?

There are a lot of unanswered questions as eviction day gets started in the Big Brother house. Are Dani and Nicole still aligned? Does Da’Vonne know that Dani was part of the conspiracy against her? And has Da’Vonne apologized to David yet?

It’s going to be a really busy day with a lot of Big Brother live feed spoilers expected to be revealed. Hopefully, the producers don’t give subscribers a steady stream of stars during the day, because fans deserve a chance to catch up on what was missed during the previous 24 hours.

And as for the Eviction Ceremony itself, it appears that the votes are set and that the next member of the BB22 jury already knows their fate.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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