Big Brother: Christine Varner from BB16 shares casting secrets, sequester experience

Christine Varner BB16
Christine Varner played Big Brother in 2014 and is sharing her experiences. Pic credit: CBS

Christine Varner from the Big Brother 16 cast has shared a really interesting video about the show.

Taking to her newish YouTube channel, Christine posted a roughly 15-minute video that goes over her Big Brother experience.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits within the video that we have shared below, including what she went through to audition for the show.

Christine was a member of the BB16 cast, working as a member of the Bomb Squad, The Detonators, and The Weirdos alliances during that season. She was very close with Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore and also worked with Frankie Grande and Amber Borzotra.

The 23-year-old barista made it all the way to sixth place and then voted for Derrick Levasseur to win as a member of the BB16 jury.

Christine shares about her Big Brother experiences

In her video, Christine says that she sent in an audition tape and received a response stating that they liked her video. She says that they asked her to go to a casting call where she says that “apparently they liked me.”

She goes on to talk about filling out forms, meeting with a casting director, and letting them know lots of personal details and experiences about herself.

Christine also addressed how many stages that she had to go through to make it to the final cut and eventually, the Big Brother 16 cast.

One thing that might surprise some viewers, is that Christine said that people finding their keys and discovering that they are on the show is real (unless they are an alternate).

BB16 sequester chatter

Christine also shared that she was sequestered for seven or eight days in Los Angeles before the season began. Speaking about being sequestered, she talks about how she wasn’t allowed to leave her room during that entire time.

During that sequester time, she was allowed to watch past seasons of Big Brother, which she did to get a good handle on the game before she started playing it. She also says that they ordered room service to eat all of their meals.

The full video is shared below, and anyone who is thinking about filling out an application to be on the show should watch it. Christine is extremely honest about her entire process and there were a lot of fun moments.

On that topic, applications to be a part of the Big Brother 23 cast are currently open.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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