Big Brother After Dark on Pop: Fans very frustrated with missing show

BB22 cast in action
The BB22 cast has not been on Pop TV this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother After Dark airing on Pop has become a summer staple for television viewers looking for coverage of the show outside of CBS.

Or at least it had been a staple.

When the BB22 cast was revealed to the world this summer, Big Brother After Dark went dark. The show did not return to Pop and that has led to the dismay of many fans.

Big Brother After Dark canceled?

CBS and the producers for Big Brother have gone completely silent when it comes to BBAD. The show has not been officially written off, but it gives all the appearances of being canceled.

Rather than being on Pop almost every night of the week, BBAD is simply gone. Now, the only way to see coverage of the BB22 cast members is to watch the weekly episodes or to subscribe to the Big Brother live feeds.

Was this all a concerted effort to drive more viewers to the CBS All Access application? The cost of a monthly subscription serves as a barrier to some fans, so it is limiting the coverage that everyone can enjoy.

Additionally, there were also live feed subscribers who would tune in to episodes of Big Brother After Dark on Pop just to see things taking place on a larger screen. It was easy for some fans to just fall asleep while watching the casts discuss strategy, life, and even what they were having for dinner.

Fans very frustrated about Big Brother After Dark

A lot of fans have been weighing in with their frustrations that BBAD isn’t on this summer. Is this one of the reasons that the BB22 ratings have taken a big dip when compared to summer 2019 numbers?

The silence from CBS and the Big Brother producers about Big Brother After Dark has been frustrating to a lot of fans, but maybe it is also a hint that the show could return to Pop at some point?

Maybe the return of BBAD will take place a little later – like once the BB22 cast is comfortable and the production team is satisfied that the bubble is working well for the show.

A possible reason for no Big Brother After Dark?

One possible theory for the lack of BBAD coverage is that it gives the production team more freedom with the schedule. Rather than trying to schedule competitions earlier in the day, they can do more things at night and not have to worry about the BB22 cast being on-screen during BBAD hours.

Sure, the producers could pre-tape footage to be shown, but that would take something away from the advertised live coverage of Big Brother After Dark.

For now, though, we can only just theorize about the reasoning behind the lack of Big Brother After Dark on Pop and hope that it returns a bit later.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Gary wilson
Gary wilson
2 years ago

Cbs is trying to force buying live feed,money hungry,or julie charges more for you firing husband