Big Brother 25 spoilers: What will happen at Veto Meeting?

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The Big Brother 2024 host is teasing fans again. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Drama is brewing on the Big Brother 25 live feeds.

Cameron Hardin is looking to make moves again.

Winning the Battle Back Competition was just the start of his successful week.

Once Jared Fields was sent home, the BB25 cast played a new HOH Competition.

Cameron became the Head of Household for a third time (already) this season.

He then nominated Felicia Cannon and Mecole Hayes for eviction.

The Power of Veto presents a backdoor option

The BB25 cast played an extended Veto Competition on Saturday, where Felicia and Mecole could win safety.

They didn’t.

Cameron also won the Power of Veto this week. Again. He beat Felicia, Mecole, Matt Klotz, Blue Kim, and America Lopez.

Now Cameron gets to host the Veto Meeting on Monday and decide who finishes the week on the block.

Holding the power is very important this week because he will send someone home before the jury phase.

Making it to the BB25 jury phase means more money. So nobody wants to go home this week.

But what should Cameron do? He has already talked to Matt and Jag Bains about backdooring Cory Wurtenberger.

Cory has become a target in the house after his run as HOH. Cirie Fields began planting seeds about getting him out, aided by the extra seven days Jared Fields got to hang out as a zombie.

Cameron is working with Matt, Jag, Blue, and Bowie Jane. Cory is trying to solidify his core alliance, even if they only want to keep Cameron around for a short time.

What will Cameron do at the Veto Meeting?

Cameron planned on using Blue as the replacement nominee if Mecole or Felicia won the POV.

His primary target was Felicia, but he had several other ideas. It’s also possible that Cameron has kept his ultimate plan a secret from the houseguests and the live feeds. That could lead to an exciting reveal at Monday’s Veto Meeting.

On the feeds, it does appear that Cameron is pushing his alliance to get on board with a Cory backdoor.

Cameron would save Felicia and put Cory on the block against Mecole in one scenario. It would force the house to decide between Cory and Mecole.

Based on current feelings, the vote would be to send Cory home. Cory would go from being the Double Eviction HOH to not even making the BB25 jury.

Stay tuned. Drama is coming.

Below is a chat about using the Power of Veto.

Jared Fields has been giving exit interviews following his elimination from the game.

Blue Kim was also seen sending Jared a message through the live feeds. His showmance partner might be safe.

The CBS primetime schedule shifted to featuring Tuesday night episodes of Big Brother 25.

Here is the updated BB25 episode schedule for October.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Linda Moses
Linda Moses
9 months ago

Great season!! I am pleased with the change and making them work for that money. Love not having a bunch of showmances. Great job BB. Never missed a season.