Bennett Kirschner shares photo with his COVID-19 tests

Bennett Kirschner
Bennett Kirschner poses with his COVID-19 tests. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bennett Kirschner isn’t the most active on social media but he recently shared a photo of himself that caught Married at First Sight fans’ attention. 

With the global pandemic continuing on, more and more tests are needed and Bennett recently revealed his COVID-19 tests in his latest photo. 

Bennett Kirschner maintains a smile while holding COVID-19 tests 

Bennett Kirschner took to Instagram to share a photo of himself holding two COVID-19 tests in each hand. Despite the risk of the virus, Bennett looked somewhat relaxed for the picture. 

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In the photo, Bennett wears glasses and a cozy sweater while standing in a kitchen. 

He also shows off his new shorter haircut, no longer rocking the signature shoulder-length hair he had on Married at First Sight Season 11.

Bennett captioned the photo, writing, “I really don’t know.”

The ambiguous caption could suggest Bennett is still unsure whether he’s contracted the virus or not. 

Naturally, Bennett’s fans, friends, and followers flocked to Bennett’s comments to express their concern, give advice, and wish Bennett well. The post was also liked by Bennett’s fellow castmate Woody Randall. 

Some fans even suggested that Bennett ask for his MAFS ex-wife Amelia Fatsi’s input on his health status since she’s a doctor. 

Bennett Kirshner and Amelia Fatsi privately divorce 

Bennett and Amelia were one of the more beloved couples both on their season of Married at First Sight and within the MAFS franchise as a whole.

The unique couple bonded over being incredibly eccentric. Bennett was committed to the marriage so much so that he agreed to move with Amelia to Virginia for her residency shortly after the two said yes on Decision Day. 

After Married at First Sight wrapped, Bennett and Amelia’s relationship became more discreet than fellow couples from their season Woody and Amani and Miles and Karen who joined Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam. 

For a while, fans speculated that Bennett and Amelia had divorced but Amelia and Bennett had never confirmed or denied the rumor.

Eventually, news broke that Amelia and Bennett had in fact gone their separate ways and divorced. Bennett was the one to file for divorce.

Despite the news becoming public, Bennett and Amelia have still understandable chosen to go about their divorce more privately and have not directly spoken on the split. 

Hopefully, Bennett’s tests come back negative so he can end this year on a more positive note. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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