Bennett Jordan caught flirting with Kelley Flanagan — Will Peter Weber’s ex be interested in the Harvard grad?

Bennett Jordan and Kelley Flanagan on Instagram
Bennett Jordan was seen flirting with Kelley Flanagan on Instagram recently. Pic credit: @Bennettandrewjordan/@Kelleyflanagan/Instagram.

Bennett Jordan proved he’s still looking for a lady within the Bachelor universe after he was seen trying to flirt with Kelley Flanagan on Instagram.

As always, if you’re looking for Bachelor tea during breaks between seasons, social media is where you want to be.

What will Peter Weber think about all of this? Kelley and Peter may claim they have split for good, but there is always room for a reconciliation.

Kelley Flanagan posted a video of herself on Instagram, twirling around and swinging her hair to the Mariah Carey song Fantasy in the background. Clearly, the Bachelor alum is feeling pretty good about herself, despite her split from Peter.

A fan commented, “That glow up after a break up!!”

Perhaps Peter was looking at it with some regrets?

Kelley Flanagan shows off her post breakup glow up on Instagram, and clearly got Bennett Jordan’s attention. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Bennett was spotted flirting with Kelley Flanagan on Instagram

Bennett responded in true Bennett fashion by posting a video of himself shirtless and playing with his hair as he winked at the camera, also set to the Mariah Carey soundtrack.

He captioned the photo, “At 36, I realize shooters have range for a reason and can’t be afraid of taking long distance shots. You just gotta keep shooting. However, I didn’t realize brief clips of “Fantasy” could give such feels until earlier this week.”

It was an obvious response to Kelley’s video, however she has yet to respond at this point.

Will Bennett’s olive branch be reciprocated?

Bennett Jordan responded to Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram video. Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Bennett was not well liked on Taysia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette

Bennett was sent home on The Bachelorette during a two-on-one date with Noah Erb after getting a dressing down by Taysia Adams. The Bachelorette was pissed at the pair who she claims were arguing like they were in high school.

Taysia claimed Bennett was questioning her integrity, and he responded, telling her Noah lacked “emotional intelligence”.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber split recently

Kelley Flanagan split from Peter Weber in December 2020, which came as a shock to Bachelor Nation since they claimed they were moving to New York together just weeks before.

Despite ongoing problems leading to an eventual breakup, Peter and Kelley don’t appear to have negative feelings towards each other. A source told Us Weekly, “They’re on ‘good terms.”

What that means is up to interpretation.

The source also claimed there is nothing new going on in their love lives, and they’re single. Of course, this was in February, so it’s very possible Bennett may slide into Kelley’s DM’s very soon.

Stay tuned! We may have another Bachelor Nation couple soon.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are currently on hiatus.

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