Ben Rathbun shares message of forgiveness with 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmates

Ben Rathbun
Ben Rathbun issued a statement about forgiveness towards his 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmates. Pic credit: TLC

Ben Rathbun came in hot with his judgments and opinions during the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All, and he has been receiving backlash for it.

It looks like he may have been feeling the heat or pressure to speak out about his Tell All behavior because he made a post about forgiveness directed at his friend Jessica and his Season 5 castmates.

At the Tell All, 52-year-old Ben threw a lot of stones at the other Before the 90 Days cast members. He called Kim Menzies a predator and all the men of the season, not including himself, weak.

Ben did get a certain level of criticism back from his fellow cast members and Jessica. He was a pervert by Jasmine Pineda, pegged as having the worst love life situation by Kim, and called narcissistic and delusional by Jessica.

Ben Rathbun issues statement of forgiveness towards his 90 Day Fiance castmates

In an effort to perhaps show that he has healed some relationships damaged by his Tell All behavior, Ben made a post about forgiveness.

In the Instagram post, Ben was seated next to his friend Jessica watching the Before the 90 Days Tell All on TV despite Jessica’s Tell All stance that she did not want to be his friend anymore.

Both of them were smiling as it looked like Jessica was holding out her hands to present Ben as they sat on a couch.

In the caption, Ben wrote, “Last night‘s slow motion train wreck was epic. Wait – what? They’re still friends?”

Ben continued, “@jessicamsiciliano showed the beauty and power of forgiveness. She proved that in true friendship love always wins. I failed both her and Mahogany by not defending either of them well, but I found restoration and an even stronger bond by asking forgiveness and sending flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.”

He finished by refocusing, “To my season 5 castmates: I value your friendship. That was a tough day, but despite everything said, I do care about all of you, and each one is in my heart and my prayers. May love and forgiveness always win.”

Ben Rathbun's Instagram post
Ben shared a post about forgiveness. Pic credit: @benrathbun27/Instagram

Mahogany Roca said she was not in a relationship with Ben Rathbun at the Tell All

Ben surprised Before the 90 Days viewers by sharing that he went down to Peru a second time to see 22-year-old Mahogany again, was stood up several times but managed to secure a relationship with her again.

At the Tell All, Ben confirmed that Mahogany was his girlfriend, but that was not the way Mahogany saw it, and she said she needed Ben to prove more.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.