Below Deck’s Captain Lee slams Nico Scholly over disrespect but tells fans: ‘Cut him some slack’

Nico Scholly and Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck
Nico arguing with EJ on Below Deck and, inset, Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee has hit out at Nico Scholly over his disrespectful attitude on Below Deck — but asked fans to “cut him some slack” as he continues to deal with the tragic loss of his brother.

The episode saw Nico and new bosun EJ Jensen at each other’s throats, with previews also showing Nico telling EJ to step down as bosun or he would quit.

He says in an interview with producers: “I’m taking control, this is my boat.” Then in an argument with EJ he tells him: “Why don’t you get your shoes off my deck!”

EJ, whose rank of bosun outranks that of Nico’s senior deckhand, responds after being brought in by Captain Lee last week: “It’s my deck now, buddy boy.” Nico replied: “Not any more man. Wanna play?”

The argument continues in the next episode as Nico tells EJ to go to bed, with EJ responding: “You don’t tell me what to do.” Nico then tells him: “If tomorrow I’m not bosun, I quit. Who’s it going to be? Me or you? Either you f***ing take off your stripes and put it on my bed or tomorrow I’ll take my stripes and you can f***ing put it up your a**.”

But after the initial altercation unfolded on last night’s episode, Captain Lee took to Twitter to put Nico in his place — and said the deck was neither Nico’s or EJ’s, but his.

He said: “Nico, giving orders to your boss, not a good move. Patience grasshopper. I’m not sure that it’s your deck, I think it’s mine.”

However, he also said that it was too early to write Nico off, as he saw a lot of promise in him and a bright future ahead. He also said Nico should be given time as he was still struggling with the tragic loss of his brother at the end of last year.

Captain Lee Rosbach tweet

Captain Lee Rosbach tweet

And he asked fans to cut Nico “some slack” as he finds his way through the grieving process. He said: “If I can, you should be able to as well.”

Captain Lee Rosbach tweet

Watch the argument unfold between Nico and EJ below:

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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