Below Deck star Rhylee fights with Kevin and Ashton: Who is really at fault for massive blowup?

A Below Deck blow up featured Rhylee, Kevin and Ashton.
The fresh start between Ashton and Rhylee did not last long. Pic credit: Bravo

Rhylee Gerber clashed with Ashton Pienaar and Kevin Dobson on her return episode of Below Deck. If Bravo was looking to bring more drama to the Valor crew, their mission was accomplished by having Rhylee return to replace Abbi Murphy.

Yes, the show made it appear like Captain Lee Rosbach decided to bring her back, but there is no question that Bravo played a hand in the casting. Rhylee was back in the mix for 24 hours when the most explosive fight of the season erupted.

After a long two-day charter that included creepy and drunk guests hitting on the crew, Ashton, Rhylee, Kevin, Simone Mashile, Tanner Sterback, Courtney Skippon, and Kate Chastain headed out to enjoy a nice dinner. Deckhand Brian de Saint Pern had to stay back on the yacht to rest his infected knee.

The crew’s dinner turned out to be anything but relaxing. Kate asked Kevin to order some appetizers for the table, which he was fine with until Rhylee requested paleo options. It didn’t seem like that outlandish of a request, but it started a massive fight.

Kevin and Rhylee continued to argue loudly about appetizers. Their raised voices prompted tables near the group to turn around and stare. Eventually, Kevin, Ashton, and Tanner got up from the table and walked to the beach. Rhylee, being the person that never wants to drop anything, walked over to the guys to continue the fight.

Ashton lost it on his new deckhand. He was already not thrilled with her being part of his crew. Now, her engaging in a fight over appetizers with Kevin is further proving to Ashton that Ryleee is nothing but trouble. As the bosun walked away, Rhylee wouldn’t let the argument go, prompting Ashton to scream “you belong on a f***ing fishing boat in Alaska.”

Rhylee was definitely made out to be a drama queen bringing bad mojo to the Valor crew. However, Kevin is just as much to blame as Rhylee for embarrassing the group in public. His reaction to her paleo request was way over the top.

Kevin started a fight with Rhylee over nothing. It was as though Kevin did not like being challenged by Rhylee and got bent out of shape when she stood her ground. Also, Ashton is harboring such discontent for the new deckhand because of their past experience. It wasn’t like he was on Kevin’s side because the two are pals. Ashton just wanted a reason to unleash his fury on Rhylee.

There is plenty of blame to go around for massive blowup involving Ashton, Kevin, and Rhylee on Below Deck. She took the brunt of the blame, but it was by no means all her fault. Those ego-filled guys chose to make her enemy number one because Kevin took offense to her request for paleo appetizers.

Are you Team Rhylee or Team Kevin and Ashton in this most recent blowup?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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