Below Deck: Simone Mashile met Tanner Sterback’s new girlfriend and here’s what happened

Simone met Tanner's girlfriend at Below Deck after show.
Below Deck cast members Tanner and Simone are now on friendly terms. Pic credit: Bravo

Simone Mashile met Tanner Sterback’s new girlfriend after viewers watched as Tanner was a total jerk to Simone on Below Deck. Not only did the two women chat, but Tanner’s new lady love watched all of his actions on Season 7 of Below Deck, and she is still dating him.

Bravo viewers know Tanner and Simone did not end their time on the Valor on the best note. They hooked up. Then he told everyone about their trysts and dumped her for a shot with chief stew Kate Chastain.

At the reunion show, the ice had thawed between Tanner and Simone, with them almost coming across as friends.

Simone’s thoughts on Tanner’s girlfriend

The friendship between Tanner and Simone is more solid than fans initially thought. At the filming of the Below Deck After Show, Tanner introduced Simone to his girlfriend, Corinna Pico. He has been with his new lady for about seven months and is very taken with her.

It turns out Simone is a fan of Corinna. She called Tanner’s new woman, “very nice.” They all hung out together in Los Angeles when the cast was reunited to film the After Show.

Tanner had no problems letting his girlfriend meet Simone or any of the other Below Deck cast members. He shared the intro between his Valor fling, and the current woman in his life went fine.

“I wouldn’t be dating someone that would get jealous and be annoying,” he said regarding the meeting.

Tanner’s girlfriend has thoughts on Simone

Tanner’s girlfriend, Corinna, said Simone has a “South African battery pack.” According to Tanner, it is a huge compliment, and Corinna was saying Simone had a phenomenal a**.

Brian de Saint Pern also appears in the After Show footage where Tanner relays what his girlfriend said. The deckhand confirms the statement, as well as gives his approval on Tanner’s new chick. Brian insists Corinna is a really cool girl that knows how to hang.

Tanner also spills that is has been years since he had a girlfriend. Corinna did something right to get him to settle down after living the single life for so long.

Gone are the days of Simone Mashile feeling slighted by Tanner Sterback, she even gives his new girlfriend the seal of approval. Whatever bad blood or awkwardness between them was left on the Valor.

Simone also admitted that she has no desire to have a repeat hook-up with Tanner. Those days are behind her. They may not be best pals, but at least they can enjoy each other’s company without any drama, at least every once in a while.

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