Below Deck season finale preview: How will the couples leave things?

It's the end of the raod for the below Deck couples.
Brian tries to patch things up with Courtney before they leave the Valor. Pic credit: Bravo

The new Below Deck season finale preview hints at how the Valor couples leave things as they say good-bye to their time on the boat. It has been quite a drama-filled season of the Bravo show.

Fans watched as cast members hooked up, and got romantic, while others merely tried to get some action on the boat. As the crew’s time on the Valor winds down, the fate of the showmance couples is still up in the air.

Thanks to a teaser preview clip from Bravo, fans have an idea of how the Below Deck couples end their time together.

Courtney and Brian

Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon was the only real showmance this season. The duo was not simply hooking up. They had genuine feelings for each other until Brian blew it all up by sending Courtney a text message to discuss the future of their relationship.

Since the text message, and both of them discussing their situation with other crew members, Courtney and Brian have been on the outs.

The awkwardness between the couple only gets worse when Brian makes it clear he doesn’t want their time together to end on a bad note. Based on the teaser clip, Courtney doesn’t appear all that interested in patching things up.

They are not together now. The two even had a spat on Twitter after their awkward date episode aired. Courtney and Brian’s social media fight makes it seem like they are no longer even friends.

Kate and Tanner

Tanner Sterback and Kate Chastain were never a couple, but boy is he focused on getting her into bed. Kate has expressed interest in hooking up with Tanner since day one on the Valor.

However, his persistence of talking about having sex and trying to plan it has been off-putting to Kate. Plus, she knows Tanner is a part of the boys’ club, and Kate is over all of them.

They did share drunken smooch after Ashton Pienaar’s violent van outburst. That has been their only tryst to date.

It doesn’t look like Tanner is going to be successful in hooking up with Kate. The clip shows him trying to put the moves on her. Kate brutally blows off Tanner’s advances, even telling the deckhand she is a lesbian after he states he wants to kiss her.

Simone and Tanner

Simone Mashile was never a couple with Tanner, either. They did have several drunken escapades after the bar, which Tanner proudly told the deck crew about in detail.

Things ended badly when Tanner made it clear to Simone that they were only having fun, even flirting with other women in front of her.

Tanner’s pursuit of Kate has only made Simone dislike the deckhand even more. It is safe to say these two walk away from the Valor without making up.

Neither one of them appears interested in even having a friendship outside of the show. A recent Below Deck After Show appearance by both Simone and Tanner proved that they still do not see eye to eye on what went down during their time on the boat.

The Below Deck finale preview clip proves the last episode is going to be just as explosive as the rest of the season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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