Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Jenna and Georgia realize they have the same ex-boyfriend

Georgia Jenna Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Georgia and Jenna realized that they have one ex in common in the recent episode. Pic credit: Bravo

In a recent episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, two of the women had a shocking revelation. Jenna MacGillivray and Georgia Grobler dated the same man in the past!

It turns out that they have a similar taste in men. Jenna and Georgia both dated a man named Johan. Georgia dated him for much longer. However, Jenna revealed that during their short time together, they went to Universal Studios.

Jenna shared a photo of the pair at Universal Studios. She also said they hooked up. Georgia shared that her relationship with Johan was a significant part of her life, but that she wasn’t jealous that he also hooked up with Jenna.

What are chances Georgia and Jenna would have dated same man?

His fling with Jenna happened after he and Georgia had broken up. The women just find the whole thing very bizarre. What a small world!

Jenna and Georgia are very different and come from different countries. Even so, they somehow managed to date the same man. In an interview, Georgia said, “It was just funny because what are the f–king chances?”

Both women laughed over the revelation, but chef Adam Glick was not too happy. He and Jenna have been flirting for weeks and their relationship is very up and down.

Adam got very jealous hearing about one of Jenna’s ex-flings. He told Georgia in the episode, “It makes me f–king sick to my stomach. It’s disgusting.”

Adam is not happy to hear about Jenna’s ex

Georgia said this behavior was unacceptable. He was jealous and trying to make Jenna feel bad for something that happened in the past.

It is not a good sign that Adam is so upset just hearing about one of Jenna’s exes. It doesn’t even sound like it was a serious relationship for Jenna.

Unfortunately, this seems like just the beginning of troubles for Jenna and Adam. In a clip for next week’s episode, Adam still seems very upset.

In the clip, Adam said he feels sick when Georgia and Jenna joke around about Johan. In an interview, he says, “Food is for sharing, not my significant other.”

So it seems he is calling Jenna his girlfriend, but for how long? And how will she deal with this jealousy from Adam?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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