Below Deck: Sailing Yacht star Alli Dore is living her best life as a new mother on vacation

Alli Dore
Alli Dore has been on holiday in Australia for the first time with her baby son River. Pic credit: TLC

Below Deck Sailing Yacht beauty Alli Dore is enjoying new motherhood with her son River who was born in late August and the pair have been on their first vacation with Alli’s boyfriend and baby daddy Benny Thompson and some family.

The Season 2 star has hung up her yachtie lifestyle for a more subdued one back in her home country of Australia. Alli is the second Sailing Yacht alum to have had a child post-filming. Her friend, fellow stewardess, and playmate on the show Dani Soares also has a young child.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Alli Dore showed off her first vacation with son River and boyfriend Benny Thompson

It looks like Alli and Benny have taken River to spend some time soaking up the sun and to be around friends and family.

Alli posted an Instagram story where she highlighted River’s mood at the beginning of their trip. She made a video that panned to him under the covers and captioned, “Mood: F**k off I’m on vacay.”

A photo was also shared of Benny and River under a beach umbrella where Benny is kissing River’s head.

Another part of their trip included time spent at what looks to be a fair where River was being pushed around in a stroller surrounded by “Family” as Alli pointed out.

Alli Dore's IG stories
Alli shared photos and videos from her vacation with her son River. Pic credit: @alidoreporfavor/Instagram

The most recent picture of baby River that Alli posted on Instagram was a solo shot of the baby boy, who was born premature, looking as healthy, happy, and sleepy as ever.

The picture was taken a few days before Christmas and before their vacation.

In the photo’s caption, Alli called River her, “tiny treasure.”

Alli Dore is part of a podcast with Dani Soares and Daisy Kelliher

Fabulous Sailing Yacht interior trio Alli, Dani, and Daisy are all part of a riveting podcast together where they dish on their dark secrets, reality TV, and being women in their 30’s.

They have special guest appearances where the ladies have fun, honest, and relaxed chats with their guests who have included David Pascoe and Hannah Ferrier.

Each other their podcasts are between 40 minutes to an hour long and allow listeners to get to know the girls and their guests on a more intimate basis.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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