Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Is Parker McCown getting fired from Parsifal III?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Parker 's job could be in jeopardy.
Parker is annoying other crew members and it may result in him losing his job. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s preview video has fans asking if Parker McCown is getting fired from Parsifal III.

The crew has been getting more and more fed up with the deckhand each week. It all comes to a head this week, ending with Captain Glenn Shepard having a sit-down with Parker.

Last week Parker stood up for himself against chef Adam Glick, who was complaining Parker didn’t make his bed. First mate Paget Berry, then scolded Parker for not listening to the chain of command.

It has been gang up on Parker since the beginning of the season. The deckhand is an eager beaver to learn, but his relationship with the rest of the crew could cost Parker his job.

Parsifal III crew is annoyed with Parker

Bravo released a sneak peek video clip that shows the upcoming episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht is more of the same with the crew.

Everyone is annoyed when Parker is searching for a good location for the guests’ private picnic and relays too much information over the radio.

Then back on the yacht, Parker and fellow deckhand, Ciara Duggan gets into it yet again. She is telling him he needs to adapt and change, but her words fall on deaf ears.

Parker believes he is being criticized for no reason and takes offense to being told to change.

The conversation resolves nothing. It only raises the tension between the two coworkers. Ciara, of course, tells Paget about the chat resulting in the first mate becoming annoyed with Parker.

Captain Glenn sits down with Parker

All of the tension on the yacht makes its way to Captain Glenn, who decides to have a sit down with Parker. In the promo for the upcoming episode the captain having a stern talk with the deckhand.

Captain Glenn lectures Parker on his lack of respect for the hierarchy on the boat. Parker is genuinely stunned to learn the crew thinks he doesn’t respect the chain of command.

The clip cuts out before fans can hear the deckhand’s response. If the conversation goes sideways, it could mean the end of Parker.

There is no question Parker only has a couple of allies on the yacht. Second stew Madison Stalker and third stew Georgia Grobler are both friendly with the deckhand.

The latter even said she valued Parker during an interview where Parker discussed his thoughts on the Parsifal III crew.

Viewers will have to tune in to find out if Captain Glenn fires Parker. Based on the way the rest of the cast feels about him, there is a good chance Parker’s day are numbered.

Captain Glenn is all about keeping the peace on his boat, and the deckhand keeps unintentionally causing turmoil.

Parker McCown has become a fan favorite on the latest Below Deck franchise. His nice-guy demeanor has won over viewers but not his colleagues, and it may cost Parker his job.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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