Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast admit scandalous things they’ve done on charter — with one very shocking reveal

Colin Macrae, Marcos Spaziani, and Daisy Kelliher
The Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast dished their scandalous secrets of things they’ve done while on charter. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast admitted to a bevy of wild, weird, and scandalous things during private interviews when they were asked about secret things they’ve done on charter.

The range of odd, surprising, and sneaky answers the crew gave was presented in a montage video by Bravo’s Below Deck Instagram page.

Chief stew from Seasons 2 and 3 of Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher, made the most astonishing admission having to do with a secret hook up last season while there were guests on board.

The cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht dished on naughty things they’ve done on charter

The crew of Parsifal III was asked individually during their private interviews about the secret things they have done while on charter.

Colin answered, “Once I was this close to punching a charter guest in the face,” as he used his two fingers to show a small amount.

Gary laughed as he admitted, “I’ve gone skinny dipping with the guests.”

Kelsie had a more innocent response. She remarked, “I had two pieces of cake for breakfast before I had another piece of cake for breakfast in front of everyone.”

Along those same lines, Ashley confessed, “I like to sneak candy bars into my bed and eat them in the middle of the night.”

Gabriela described her scandalous on charter action as, “Secretly stalking someone’s Instagram that was a charter guest just so I could see how important they were in real life. I wanna know who I’m dealing with okay.”

Marcos grinned as he divulged his answer of, “Having sex with somebody. The primary charter guest.”

Perhaps the most surprising response was from Daisy who revealed, “I probably shouldn’t say this but last season I had sex with somebody in a guest cabin while guests were on board. No, it was not a guest.”

The Season 3 Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew is waiting for a new deckhand

The Parsifal III deck team has been a man down ever since Captain Glenn decided to fire Tom Pearson midway through the last charter.

Captain Glenn’s decision came as he lost trust in Tom after the yacht nearly ran aground under his watch. Then, when the captain was looking out for vindicating behavior in Tom, he didn’t find any so it made his decision clear.

Glenn was able to secure a replacement deckhand but they had to undergo COVID-19 protocol before they could start working.

The interior crew and female deckhand Kelsie are hoping for a cute male deckhand that Kelsie might be able to take an interest in since the other girls seem to be competing for Gary.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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