Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Alli Dore blasts trolls making fun of her son River in NICU

Alli dore from Below Deck Sailing Yacht shuts down trolls over hateful River comments.
Alli isn’t here for people making fun of her newborn son amid his health crisis. Pic credit: @allidoreporfavor/Instagram/Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Alli Dore has blasted trolls making fun of her son River who has been in the NICU since his birth.

Alli and her boyfriend Benny Thompson welcomed River in August. The little guy was five weeks early, which is why he has been in the NICU.

This week on the IG series Pita Party, which Alli hosts with Daisy Kelliher and Dani Soares, the new mom opened up about her son. Alli revealed she had to be quarantined from him immediately after he was born. She recalled the heartbreaking days of separation and guilt.

As baby River is getting better, Alli has taken on the trolls who have shared negative comments about him.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Alli Dore blasts trolls over son River

Alli has kept fans updated on River’s progress since he was born, including pictures of him in the NICU. When the haters started teasing her about River’s tubes and making nasty comments, Alli used Instagram Stories to shut them down.

“Really sick that people will still troll a newborn baby of photos in hospital. I don’t care what is said about me but multiple people making fun of my baby’s tubes, are there no limits? When will this type of behavior be made a law? Bullying and verbal assault on the internet is still verbal assault. I’m certainly not the first person who has thought this and sadly will not be the last. Time for some change!” Alli wrote according to People magazine.

The weekly magazine captured the Instagram Story of Alli sharing River was tube-free and coming home, which sparked all the negativity.

Alli praises NICU workers who helped River

After Alli revealed River was coming home, the first-time mom took time to thank the NICU workers who helped her son.

“We are incredibly thankful to all the NICU and SCN nurses at the Royal Womens and Sandringham hospitals. Leaving River every night was so hard but knowing he was in such capable and caring hands made it a manageable experience,” Alli expressed.

The Bravo personality went on to praise the workers and highlight NICU Awareness month.

“The last 3 weeks was an emotional roller coaster, but I do want to say I have so much respect and understanding now for anyone who has been on this journey or is currently doing it. Because it is the most challenging way to begin as a parent. I never knew until we had to do this ourselves so just want to acknowledge those warrior women and men, especially being NICU Awareness month,” she shared.

Alli thanks NICU workers
Pic credit: @allidoreporfavor/Instagram

Alli Dore from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has slammed haters for negative comments about her son. Little River is finally home from the hospital, which is music to his mom and dad’s ears.

As news about Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 heats up, one crew member who definitely won’t be back is Alli. The first-time mama is relishing this new chapter in her life.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on hiatus on Bravo.

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