Below Deck producer teases Below Deck Adventure spin-off

Below Deck Adventure will be on Bravo soon.
Below Deck Adventure puts a new twist on the hit yachting show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck producer Mark Cronin has teased the upcoming Below Deck Adventure spin-off, which brings a whole new element to the franchise.

There are currently four shows in the Below Deck family, all of which deal with the yachting world in warm climates featuring locations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Australia.

In May 2021 news dropped that Below Deck Adventure was joining the franchise, but for the first time, a show would deal with cold climate charters.

It’s not only the environment that will be different in the new spin-off. The charter guests and excursions bring something new to the series too.

Bravo has confirmed that Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure will premiere this fall on Bravo, likely coinciding with Season 10 of Below Deck.

As fans wait for more details on Below Deck Adventure, producer Mark has teased why this new spin-off is so intriguing.

Below Deck producer, Mark Cronin teases Below Deck Adventure spin-off

In a recent interview with US weekly Mark spilled some tea on Below Deck Adventure. Although he didn’t give a premiere date, Mark shared a few juicy tidbits.

“Even Norway’s warmest months are colder than you’re used to seeing on Below Deck,” he spilled to the magazine.

Mark also expressed the new show focuses on “icebreaker yachts” which is more of an expedition style of yachting. It’s unlike any yacht or charters Below Deck fans have seen before.

“They’re for the people who are not quite the sit with a cocktail on the beach [type of people]. They wanna climb something and jump off it,” the producer stated.

The location, atmosphere, and excursions may be different, but the drama will still be front and center.

Breaking down the Below Deck spin-offs.

Below Deck Adventure becomes the fifth show in the yachting franchise.

The OG kicked off in 2013. Captain Lee Rosbach launched the series and remains a pivotal part of the series today.

Below Deck Mediterranean was the first spin-off launching in 2016, with Season 7 of the show hitting airwaves last month. Next up was Below Deck Sailing Yacht debuting in 2020, with three seasons under its belt now.

Most recently, Below Deck Down Under was thrown into the mix. This spin-off, though, was unique because it was a Peacock original instead of a Bravo. Although Season 1 is now airing on Bravo now that it wrapped up its Peacock run.

Back to Below Deck Adventure. More details of the show should be dropped in the next few weeks. Based on when Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Mediterranean will finish their seasons on Bravo, Below Deck Adventure should debut in late October or early November.

Below Deck Adventure will premiere in fall 2022 on Bravo.

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