Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder has message for trolls calling out her ‘psychotic seagull eyeballs’

Natalya Scudder on Below Deck Med
Natalya has a message for the haters. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med alum Natalya Scudder has a message for trolls who are coming for her eyeballs.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Natalya has endured her fair share of haters and trolls during her two seasons on Below Deck Med.

The former yachtie knows how to deal with the criticism, backlash, and pretty much everything else thrown her way.

That was the case yet again when Natalya decided to address the thing haters keep blowing up her feed about.

Just when you think the online trolls can’t get any more ridiculous, Natalya has revealed they so can.

Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder has message for trolls calling out her ‘psychotic seagull eyeballs’

Taking to Instagram this weekend, Natalya shared a video to reveal that she’s constantly told she has “‘psychotic seagull eyeballs.” It seems it’s one of the main things the trolls come at her for.

“Replying to the haters comments about my psychotic seagull eyeballs on Below Deck” was written across the video.

Natalya explained that random people literally call her eyeballs psychotic but say they only look like that when she’s filming Below Deck Med. Instead of getting angry at the ridiculous comment, Natalya shared why her eyeballs might look like that on the show.

The stew spilled that the comments arise from her confessionals or, as she stated, green screens where the crew chat about each other.

Natalya revealed she couldn’t wear her glasses during those interviews because the camera and crew were reflecting off them and could be seen on film.

“We’re in those for eight to 11 hours, answering questions non-stop,” she expressed. “So, by the end of it, I am cross-eyed. I am staring deep into the camera.”

Natalya admitted she tried to focus as she talked to producers who were behind the cameras, but it was hard.

“Please leave me and my psychotic eyeballs alone. Thank you!” Natalya ended her message.

Natalya Scudder’s IG post gets reply from new Below Deck face

The comments section of Natalya’s Instagram post was buzzing about her revelation and message.

One was from a person Below Deck fans don’t know yet, but they will soon. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, two new crew members are joining Below Deck Season 11.

Well, it turns out Natalya knows Stew Paris Fields, who will show up soon to replace Cat Baugh, who left on the most recent episode.

Paris popped up in the comments section of Natalya’s Instagram post, writing, “Hottest psychotic eyeballs I’ve ever seen 🧿👄🧿.”

Below Deck comment on Natalya's IG post
Pic credit: @natalyascudder_/Instagram

Below Deck fans will have to wait and see if Paris reveals her connection to Natalya on the show or not.

Natalya Scudder from Below Deck Med has shared the most ridiculous thing trolls come and her for while sharing a message to the haters.

Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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