Below Deck Med showrunner reveals favorite moments and why cast fights are the worst

Nadine Rajabi shres favorite Below Deck Med moments.
There is a very good reason why Below Deck Med showrunner Nadine Rajabi hates cast fights. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med showrunner Nadine Rajabi is dishing her favorite moments from the Bravo series, as well as why she thinks cast fights are the worst.

The Bravo series is gearing up for Season 5, but before fans are blessed with a new season, Nadine is taking a look at the past. Unlike viewers, who tend to relish in the drama of the yachting show, Nadine focuses on the happier times in the series.

Nadine’ favorite moments

The Below Deck Mediterranean showrunner stopped by the podcast, Bleav No Script No Problem, to dish about the reality TV series. Nadine reassured fans the show is not scripted, as there is no way content of that level could be anything other than reality.

After four seasons, Nadine has several favorite moments, and she even spilled her favorite one on the podcast. The moment involves one of Nadine’s favorite people too, Captain Sandy Yawn.

“Seeing Captain Sandy this past season, dock a boat in Saint-Tropez,” Nadine revealed as her favorite.

“I have never seen a docking like this in my life like this! I know Sandy is the biggest pro, but seeing how she can fit a boat in this tiny space, not even sweat it. And then get off the boat and go, ‘I’m gonna get some get ice cream when we’re docked.’ It was unbelievable,” Nadine said of the moment.

Nadine also loves to watch the moments when the crew comes back from a night out. She explained it is pure enjoyment because, most of the time, what people do in their bunks on those nights is hilarious.

“I wish people could watch the raw footage because of the stuff you see in people’s bunks or what they’re doing. I literally just cry laughing. I’m laughing with them. I’m crying with them,” she shared of the nights when the crew is not drunk and fighting.

Nadine doesn’t love the shocking moments

Nadine is not a fan of the shocking moments, especially when it involves cast members. She hates to watch the crew fight. It honestly hurts her.

“I, personally, as a human being, wanna go like, ‘You guys, please just stop fighting!’ But I can’t! I have to let it all unfold, and it kills me,” Nadine adds.

Some other memorable moments that shocked viewers and the showrunner include the Season 2 relationship drama between deckhand Malia White, chef Adam Glick and bosun Wesley Walton.

Those moments were not her favorite by any means. However, Nadine shared it was one of her favorites in terms of watching an accurate depiction of people on the show.

“It was my favorite as far as watching people in a natural habitat and what they do in a small space. And they’re dating two people and seeing how people react. It was just so interesting,” she expressed.

What is your favorite moment from Below Deck Med?

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