Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson addresses her work performance, talks demanding guests and shorthanded crew

Lexi Wilson is defending her work ethic on Below Deck Mediterranean.
Lexi believes there was too much work for one person on the breakfast shift. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean stew Lexi Wilson has addressed her work performance, talking about demanding guests and a shorthanded crew after chief stew Katie Flood called her a slacker.

The most recent charter featured the interior crew not pulling their weight with the guests. Lexi was the main reason for the shortcomings. The second strew struggled to manage the laundry duties with giving stellar breakfast service.

Katie walked into a cluster from the second she woke up, with breakfast service being a disaster. It was merely the latest issue that Katie has had with Lexi and her work ethic this season.

Thanks to the mid-season trailer, viewers know a new stew joins the crew. Between the trailer and Katie’s frustration with Lexi, it could mean the end of the second stew.

One thing is for sure. The interior crew needs a change ASAP to keep the demanding charter guests happy, or else the tips will suffer.

Lexi Wilson addresses her work performance on Below Deck Med

The Below Deck Med Season 6 After Show dropped this week. Lexi’s shortcomings with service were one hot topic on the show, but she got the chance to speak her piece on the subject. She claims the interior was shorthanded and that is what was causing the problems.

“For this size yacht, it runs with four stewardesses, so we were already shorthanded based on the size of the yacht and how much crew is needed to service this yacht. So, in the interior, with that amount of guests and their drinking ability, the amount of drinks they’re taking down, it’s impossible to keep up with one girl,” Lexi expressed.

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Lexi Wilson talks demanding guests and work responsibilities

Neither Lexi nor chef Mathew Shea was thrilled to be working on breakfast service together. They each agreed that they would like never to work together again. However, that was not the case, and they had to attempt to get along.

Besides working with chef Mathew, Lexi also spilled during the after-show why breakfast service is a challenge. It’s all because of juicing.

“Juicing takes up time. You have to juice up orange juice, grapefruit juice, you have to juice different juices. You have to peel those and cut those, so that takes up a lot of time that you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to pouring drinks every two minutes—plus trying to do other things. It’s difficult,” the second stew stated.

Lexi also shared that the guests drank a lot, which made breakfast service more challenging.

“It’s definitely harder because these people drink a lot, so it’s harder to keep up with them. And like you have so many things going on behind the scenes. So, it definitely weighed on me,” Lexi spilled.

The Bahama native also revealed there’s oh so much more to a stew’s job than what viewers saw on the hit yachting show.

Lexi Wilson has opened up about her struggle with breakfast service on the recent episode of Below Deck Med Season 6. Those who watch Peacock early access know things get really interesting for the interior team in the next episode.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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