Below Deck Med: Katie Flood calls out Lexi Wilson for ‘slacking’ on charter

Below Deck Med chief stew Katie Flood speaks out on Lexi Wilson's 'unacceptable behavior.'
Katie isn’t holding back when it comes to expressing her feelings about Lexi’s work ethic. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean chief stew Katie Flood has called out second stew, Lexi Wilson, for slacking on charter.

There is no love lost between Lexi and Katie. After Lexi’s drunken rage-filled actions, Katie was done with her.

However, Captain Sandy Yawn wanted the chief stew to help guide Lexi through the drama and give her another chance. Viewers blasted the captain for not listening to her chief stew.

Katie agreed, but Lexi’s work ethic pushed the chief stew over the line. Not even Captain Sandy’s continuous attempt to have Katie lead Lexi could not persuade the chief stew that Lexi was a good fit for the interior.

It’s been confirmed stew Delaney Evans joins the Lady Michelle crew, leading viewers to believe Lexi gets fired.

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Katie calls out Lexi for slacking on charter

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 After Show is finally here. Katie opened up about dealing with Lexi when she was put on breakfast service and laundry.

“I know Lexi doesn’t look very impressed by this, but at the end of the day, we have a boat to run. Whether it’s a third stew or second stew or fourth stew, whoever is doing laundry and housekeeping in that, someone has to do the d**n job,” the chef stew expressed.

Katie praised Lexi for her work ethic with guests. However, she also called her out for slacking as on the most recent charter.

“Like Lexi is great in front of guests, she as amazing. But I think as time went on, her attitude got the better of her, and so I guess, I don’t know if it was me or whatever it was, but she just started slacking in my eyes,” Katie shared. “For me, that’s completely unacceptable. If I am pulled away for whatever reason, I should be able to rely on her. She knows how to do the job, so these little mistakes are completely unacceptable.”

Katie thinks Lexi actions were unfair to Courtney on Below Deck Med

The way Lexi was working or not working, rather, didn’t simply impact Katie. It also trickled down to the third stew Courtney Veale, which did not make Katie happy either.

“It’s not fair when I have someone like Courtney running around, and then I have my second stew who thinks she deserves more than what’s she’s getting, yet she can’t even do simple things that like any stewardess is meant to do,” Katie stated.

Speaking of Courtney, she had her own thoughts on why Lexi was slacking and how it impacted Courtney’s job.

“In a way, I think she was doing everything s**t on that shift so she wouldn’t have to do it again. It was frustrating for me because I am getting paid as a third stew and being on there as a third stew, and I’m kind of going around and checking the second stew’s stuff, and she’s not even done at all,” Courtney said on the Below Deck Med After Show.

Lexi Wilson isn’t making the best impression on her colleagues on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. Katie Flood has shared exactly what she thinks of Lexi and her work this charter season.

Are you Team Lexi or Team Katie?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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