Below Deck Med: Katie Flood and Delaney Evans respond to Lexi Wilson receiving death threats

Below Deck Mediterranean's Delaney Evans and Katie Flood are speaking out agains the trolls attacking Lexi Wilson
Katie and Delaney may not like Lexi but they are not here for all the hate against her either. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Katie Flood and Delaney Evans have responded to Lexi Wilson receiving death threats.

Season 6 has been one wild ride for the interior crew featuring chief stew Katie, Lexi, and Courtney Veale. The three ladies are not meshing, or rather Lexi isn’t blending with the other two.

Lexi’s drunken night-out actions and work performance have caused tension. After a guest complaint about service, Katie agreed to have a fourth stew join the team. However, adding Delaney to the mix has caused more drama for the crew, especially Katie.

Viewers have been extremely vocal regarding their opinion of Lexi and the fact she hasn’t been fired from Below Deck Med. The outrage has reached a level that caused Lexi to admit she has received death threats since the show started to air.

Delaney and Katie have reacted to the news, even as Lexi trashes the crew and claims she carries Season 6.

Katie Flood responds to death threats against Lexi Wilson

The chief stew did an Instagram Stories Q&A recently to answer fans’ most burning questions. One of which was why Lexi wasn’t fired. Hint: it has everything to do with Captain Sandy Yawn.

Another user called out Katie for not addressing Lexi receiving death threats.

“I do not wish this upon anyone,” Katie wrote. “Also, I am blocked from Lexi, so I don’t follow or see anything about her. I do not go out of my way to see what every man and his dog has to say about the show for my own mental health.”

Katie Flood speaks out on Lexi Wilson death threats.
Katie speaks out. Pic credit: @katiefloody/Instagram

Katie isn’t the first crew member to say Lexi had blocked them on social media. Deckhand David Pascoe said the same thing when he declared Lexi a liar after she threw Courtney and Katie under the bus.

Delaney Evans reacts to news Lexi Wilson has received death threats

The newest addition to the Lady Michelle crew did her own Instagram Stories Q&A about her stint on Below Deck Mediterranean. Delaney admitted she didn’t have the best experience and that the crew was not welcoming.

One fan asked Delaney what she thought of Lexi after watching the show. Delaney shared she had no idea what happened on the yacht before she came aboard. She further stated that “for the most part, Lexi was very kind towards me.”

The stew revealed she saw a different side of Lexi through their interactions. Delaney also declared she got a wake-up call watching the show play out onscreen.

“I do wish her the best and think internet trolls need to leave her alone,” Delaney shared. “Let’s all remember our humanity and that it’s just a TV show, and she is a real human with needs of acceptance and love like everyone else.”

Delaney stand up for Lexi Wilson.
Delaney shares her thoughts. Pic credit: @delaneyeva/Instagram

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med may not be Delaney Evans or Katie Flood’s favorite person, but neither one of them condone her receiving death threats.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Lexi is a stew and terrible at it. Tell your chef to wear gloves I’m a chef and he’s f***in dirty

2 years ago
Reply to  Me

You ever watch Masterchef or Hells Kitchen? None of them including Gordon Ramsey wears gloves and neither did any of his Legends on the show. Wash your hands bud! Get over yourself!