Below Deck Med: David Pascoe calls out Lexi Wilson for lying, defends Katie Flood and Courtney Veale

Below Deck Med: David Pascoe blasts Lexi Wilson for spreading lies about Katie Flood and Courtney Veale.
David is done standing by while Lexi paints hard workers Courtney and Katie in a bad light. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean deckhand David Pascoe has called out Lexi Wilson for lying while defending Katie Flood and Courtney Veale.

Lexi has become the villain of Season 6, that’s for sure. As the season plays out, Lexi has used social media to explain her side of the story. The stew even declared she is carrying the hit Bravo yachting show.

One person not too happy with Lexi’s version of events is David. After Lexi threw Courtney and Katie under the bus again, he has decided to speak out.

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How did Lexi throw Katie and Courtney under the bus?

During an Instagram Q&A, Lexi was asked about her thoughts on the latest episode. Based on her response Lexi was talking about was Season 6 Episode 11, which aired on Peacock.

If you haven’t seen the episode, beware, Lexi’s answer does have a tiny spoiler, so read on at your own risk.

Lexi called the episode typical “bs,” claiming the show’s new narrative was “look, she doesn’t want to work.” She goes on to explain the reason she got upset at the beach picnic. There was not enough cutlery and glassware for all the guests.

“In other words, it was packed horribly by Katie or Courtney, but notice how they failed to show or explain why I was pissed, only showed me complaining,” Lexi wrote in an Instagram Story.

David calls Lexi a liar defends Courtney and Katie

In his own Instagram Story, David had a lot to say, writing over Lexi’s message to set the record straight.

David revealed Lexi has blocked the crew but learned of her story thanks to others on Instagram. The deckhand declared Lexi throwing people under the bus has come to an end.

“There’s only so long I can sit quietly in defense of someone who is actively attacking the genuinely good hard-working women I know. Guess who was also helping with the setup? That’d be me. One person’s truth isn’t truth when it’s a lie. The slander of @katiefloody and @courtneyveale is due an abrupt end,” David wrote.

David stands up for Katie and Courtney.
Pic credit: @DavidPascoe/Instagram

Oh yes, David is done letting Lexi placing the blame for her actions on everyone else.

There is no question that most of the Season 6 crew are extremely close. Lexi is not part of the close-knit bond.

Several crew members believe Lexi’s to blame for Delaney Evans being brought in to help the interior team, resulting in fewer individual tips and cabin chaos.

The second half of Below Deck Med Season continues to play out onscreen. Stay tuned because David Pascoe will likely have more to say about Lexi Wilson and her truth bombs.

After all, Lexi has a lot to say, including blasting Bravo for allowing death threats against her.

What do you think of David speaking out about Lexi?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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D J Cook
D J Cook
2 years ago

David is on point. Lexi IS a self centered, entitled BRAT that thinks she is better than everyone else on the show. Lexi is devious, and more importantly, vindictive. She IS lazy and does NOT pull her weight. I think she should REMAIN in the laundry, or have been FIRED immediately after her insubordinate, disrespectful, drunken outburst on the entire crew and superiors. David will speak the truth over Lexi… all day long. Trust me, she IS NOT carrying the show, it does not need her, nor would she be missed in the least bit. Good riddance.

2 years ago
Reply to  D J Cook

If you or I pulled out a phone and dialed it while our BOSS was talking to us, and said ” I”M DONE”…we would have our stuff on the dock in 15 mins. That is pure insubordination.

Adm. Harrington
Adm. Harrington
2 years ago

Lexi doesn’t want to be confronted with her lies and outrageous demands, so she blocks everyone who can call her out. She is lazy and entitled. Her rampage should not only have gotten her fired, but brought up on charges of assault and battery.

Brian M
Brian M
2 years ago

In other words people, Lexi is a narcissist. Look up the term, and its symptoms.