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Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier says Captain Lee ‘gets’ filming Bravo show and Captain Sandy does not

Hannah Ferrier spills the tea on how Captain Sandy and Captain Lee handling filming Below Deck differently.
Hannah reveals yet another big difference between Captain Sandy and Captain Lee. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier says Captain Lee Rosbach gets filming the Bravo show and that Captain Sandy Yawn does not.

There’s no love lost between Captain Sandy and Hannah, that’s for sure. The three and half seasons they worked together on Below Deck Med were turbulent at best. After Captain Sandy fired Hannah for having Valium and CBD pen on board, their feud heightened.

Never one to hold back her opinion of Captain Sandy, Hannah has shared yet another reason why she prefers Captain Lee over her former boss.

Hannah says Captain Lee ‘gets’ filming Below Deck and Captain Sandy does not

On the recent episode of her podcast, Dear Reality, You’re Effed, Hannah chatted with Eddie Lucas to talk about all things Below Deck. Eddie is back for Season 9 of Below Deck, marking his fifth season appearing on the hit yachting show.

Eddie complimented Captain Lee on playing the reality game and being understanding of crew situations’ that may arise because of production demands. That’s when Hannah declared Captain Sandy does not play the reality game.

“That’s the biggest difference between Lee and Sandy is Lee kinda gets it,” Hannah expressed. “He understands there’s this whole thing going on in the background, and not everything is gonna run perfectly all the time. Because you don’t want it to run perfectly, cause then it’s boring f**king television. Whereas Sandy wanted perfection at every step of the way, which is why she didn’t like me. I am far from perfect.”

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  1. First off I love Lee & Sandy. Both run a tight ship in different ways/styles.
    Hanna has a propensity to blame everything/everyone else, but herself.
    I understand anxiety/panic attacks and taking medications for that. Hanna brought on board and was consuming serious medications that were not reported before charter, and if I remember correctly, not prescribed.
    Capt. Sandy did the right thing. SAFETY FIRST! Hanna never owned up or accepted accountability. Her venom to Capt. Sandy speaks loudly like an addict who blames everyone else.
    Happily, I see she quit yachting and has gone home and making babies, Hopefully she is not still doing drugs.

  2. Hannah is not taking responsibility for her medication use. She is blaming others for her actions. She knew the law and blames others for her actions . Malia did her job and I applaud her for being honest and responsible. There are rules for a reason. Who would she blame if something bad happened.???


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