Below Deck Med fans react to Alex Radcliffe praising Malia White and dissing Hannah Ferrier

Alex from Below Deck Mediterranean has fans buzzing after he dissed Hannah and gushed over Malia.
Alex is a Below Deck Mediterranean fan favorite but some aren’t happy with his recent words. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean fans have reacted to Alex Radcliffe praising Malia White and dissing Hannah Ferrier on Watch What Happens Live.

Alex worked closely with Malia during Below Deck Med Season 5. It’s no secret he was more than happy with how she was a bosun. Plus, Alex is also close friends with Bugsy Drake, who is not a Hannah fan at all.

How did Alex praise Malia and diss Hannah?

Below Deck chief stew Heather Chase joined Alex for his appearance on WWHL. They are close friends who met working on a yacht after he finished filming Below Deck Mediterranean. Andy decided to have Alex play a game where he had to choose between who was a better chief stew, Hannah or Heather.

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Alex picked Hannah as a bigger micromanager, the one who buckles under pressure, the biggest post stirrer, and who has a “stankier” attitude. The Below Deck Med alum declared Heather as the one he’s most attracted to the most, runs a tighter ship, and has a better bedside manner with guests.

To be fair to Alex, the game seemed set up to paint Hannah in a bad light. After all, not only is Heather one of Alex’s good friends, she was also on the show with him.

Later during the Shady Roasted Pig game, Alex was asked his thoughts on Malia as a bosun and if he would work with her again.

“I thought Malia came back after all the drama and stuff she had to deal with. I thought she killed it. I thought she was a really good leader. She was very vocal, very understanding. And yeah, I would work with her in a heartbeat,” Alex expressed.

Alex Radcliffe Compares Hannah Ferrier & Heather Chase | WWHL

What are Below Deck fans saying about Alex’s comments?

Twitter was buzzing about Alex dissing Hannah after his WWHL appearance. Below Deck fans were not happy with his comments about the Below Deck Med alum. Hannah did help launch the spin-off, along with Captain Mark Howard, after all.

Social media had thoughts on what Alex said about Hannah, but there was no mention of Malia. While some Below Deck Mediterranean fans still don’t like her because of what she did to Hannah, many feel she redeemed herself during Season 6.

Alex ruffled Below Deck Med fans feathers by dissing Hannah
Pic credit: @i2vulgar/Twitter and @seakitten96 /Twitter and @dramabananna/Twitter and @RealityTVBliss/Twitter

The way she bonded and supported her deck crew earned her points. Lloyd Spencer also gave her props calling Malia one of the first nice bosses he ever had.

Alex Radcliffe from Below Deck Med has ruffled some feathers with his remarks about Hannah Ferrier, but many fans still adore the Boston native.

Be sure to check out Alex and Anastasia Surmava on Galley Talk: Best of Below Deck Tuesdays at 7/6c on Bravo.

What did you think of Alex’s remarks?

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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