Below Deck Med: David Pascoe breaks down Delaney Evans social media feud

David Pascoe from Below Deck Mediterranean has spilled the tea on his feud with Delaney Evans.
David set the record straight regarding how he really feels about Delaney Evans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum David Pascoe breaks down Delaney Evans’ social media feud and takes full responsibility for starting it.

David and Delaney had a war of words after she was fired from Below Deck Med. Delaney didn’t hide her feelings about her stint on the show or the Season 6 crew. The deckhand took insult to her comments beginning a small feud that lasted for a hot second.

It turns out all the social media drama became too much for David, especially when those he cared about were being attacked. The deckhand has spoken out regarding his feud with Delaney.

Below Deck Med’s David Pasco breaks down Delaney Evans social media feud

David was a guest on the Pita Party IG series hosted by Below Deck Sailing Yacht alums Daisy Kelliher, Alli Dore, and Dani Soares to dish his Below Deck Med stint. Alli wasted no time asking David about what transpired between Delaney and David via social media.

“Since all that stuff kind of happened, we have talked. I apologized. She apologized from her end,” David explained.

“I think the big thing for me was that I, it was coming up to my episode about be kind of opening up about you know trying to do myself in. And I was so tired from everything that was happening on social media. Like as far as I was concerned, we’re all going through it, and then I just kept seeing like little snide comments here and like people being called out for stuff and this and that.”

The Bravo personality revealed that the social media tension with Delaney began when his episode featuring him talking about how he nearly killed himself was going to air. David admitted he was not in a great space personally that night, which led to the tension with Delaney.

“I was just in my own head. I was just so tired and upset about basically everything,” he shared.” So, it was an error on my part. This is the thing, let me, a lot of it didn’t get shown. Like me, and Delaney we’re fine. Like we did get along well.”

David spilled that the general consensus from the crew was if Delaney had arrived earlier in the season, things would have been a lot different. He also admitted that he should have remained silent on social media because sometimes “silence is golden.”

Who started to feud between Delaney and David?

Daisy wanted to know who started the social media drama. David said it was him, accidentally. The deckhand reiterated at that point in his head he was not happy with everything going on via social media.

Despite the tension, David claims he and Delaney have moved past it. David even credited her for not starting drama at the reunion show.

“We’re adults. We’ve spoken. We’ve said our apologies. The main thing was we got to the reunion, and it didn’t become a s**t fight. And that was the main thing cause that’s probably where it could have headed. And it was nice and respect to her. She didn’t come on turn it a s**t fight, which is probably what the fans wanted. And just like that, we closed the book,” David expressed.

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean has ended, and so has the social media tension it brought. Well, at least for David Pascoe and Delaney Evans.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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