Below Deck Med alum Katie Flood talks future in yachting, reveals why she needed a break from it

Katie Flood from Below Deck spills tea on her yachting career.
Katie opens up about her future in yachting. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Katie Flood is talking about her future in yachting and revealed why she needed a break from the industry.

Nearly a year after Below Deck Med fans were introduced to Katie, she’s taking a look at her life in the yachting world. It’s a grueling yet rewarding industry, and not everyone wants to make a lifelong career out of it.

The brunette beauty developed a close bond with her Season 6 crew, especially Malia White and Courtney Veale. While Malia has been vocal regarding her future in yachting, Courtney recently revealed she is only doing yachting part-time.

So, where does Katie’s career fit into the mix?

Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean discusses her future in yachting

When the chief stew stopped by Malia’s podcast Total Ship Show, Katie spilled some tea on her yachting career. Katie had taken a lengthy break from the industry after Below Deck Med Season 6 but is getting her feet wet again.

“I’ve had a few interviews, so I’m waiting to hear back. I’ve been hanging on by a string with yachting. But I think I’m gonna give it one last shot,” Katie told her friend.

One of those prospective jobs was to work on the same boat as Malia.

If yachting doesn’t work out, Katie has a backup plan with yoga and modeling. Katie’s Instagram feed features a lot of steamy photos of the brunette beauty.

Why did Katie take a break from yachting?

While talking to Malia, Katie admitted she needed to take a break from yachting for her own mental health.

“I speak about anxiety a lot. The industry alone is so demanding on every aspect of your life,” Katie expressed. “Your mental, your physical, spiritual – it really does consume you. I’ve kind of taken a step back now because I really realize my mental health is really deteriorating here. So that’s why I have sort of taken this break now just to find myself again.”

The stress of Below Deck Med Season 6, compounded with working at a super busy yacht while the show played out on Bravo, led Katie to step back from the yachting world.

“I was on probably the busiest boat I’ve ever been on in my whole entire yachting career, and then I had the show coming out at the same time. So that was a lot mentally to go through,” she spilled.

There was also the factor of her dating a chief officer who tried to kiss one of her stews. Katie admitted the personal relationship helped her realize she needed to take a step back.

The break from yachting was just what Katie Flood needed personally and professionally. She teased the past few months, her personal life has been wild, but she’s definitely a lot stronger. It’s one reason why Katie’s ready to give yachting one more try.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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