Below Deck: Jessica Albert supports Rayna Lindsey amid Heather Chase drama

Jessica Albert from Below Deck gushes over friendship with Rayna Lindsey following Heather Chase racial slur.
Jessica found a friend in Below Deck Season 9 crew member, Rayna. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star, Jessica Albert supports Rayna Lindsey amid Heather Chase on-screen and off-screen drama.

Season 9 of Below Deck is in full swing with some major drama exploding on the My Seanna. Captain Lee Rosbach had a stern talking with the deck team, who were making rookie mistakes.

The interior crew isn’t faring much better, with tension mounting between Heather, Fraser Olender, and Jess. Although Fraser recently clarified his criticism about Jess, he and Heather have lost their patience with her on-screen.

For Jess’ part, she isn’t bonding with the crew and has admitted that on the show. Sparks did fly with Wes O’Dell, but things became awkward when other crew members tried pushing them together.

There is another person Jess became friends with while filming Below Deck, Rayna. The two ladies shared a bunk and often complained about things to each other.

Jessica Albert from Below Deck supports Rayna Lindsey

On the recent episode of Below Deck, Heather said the N-word twice in front of Rayna, who tried to explain to the chief stew why it wasn’t appropriate to say. Heather denied saying it, causing an issue between the two ladies.

Since the episode aired, drama has unfolded off-screen too. Rayna has blasted Eddie Lucas, who she told about what Heather said, and Bravo, and Captain Lee Rosbach for not handling the situation properly.

Heather did issue an apology, but Below Deck fans are not too happy with her right now.

Jess used Instagram to praise Rayna and show her support during this drama-filled time.

“Could not have asked for a better bunkmate to go through this experience with! She brought realness and laughter to our bunk nightly. Thank you @raynalindsey you are a queen! #belowdeck #bravotv @bravotv @belowdeckbravo,” the stew captioned a photo of her and Rayna.

It’s no secret that Jess is not a Heather fan, so her support for Rayna is not surprising.

Below Deck fans react to Jessica’s post

The comments section of Jess’ post became flooded with positivity toward Rayna and Jess. They may feel like the outcasts on Below Deck, but the two ladies definitely have support.

Below Deck fans react to Jess and Rayna.
Pic credit: @jay_blythe/Instagram
Jess supports Rayna on Below Deck
Pic credit: @jay_blythe/Instagram

Jessica Albert from Below Deck has used social media to show she is standing by her bunkmate Rayna Lindsey as drama from the show unfolds off-screen.

There is plenty of Below Deck Season 9 left to play out. However, thanks to the recent episode, one has to wonder if Jessica and Rayna will last the entire season.

Regarding the deck crew, it’s not just Rayna either. The entire team could get a plane ticket home.

What do you think of Jess showing support for Rayna?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Traits one looks for in a manager:
1. Empathetic
2. Good communicator
Neither department heads exhibit either of these traits therefore you have a failing crew. Neither deck or interior provided a safe and welcoming work environment for their crew members. You have a divide on the interior where a dept head is consistently talking about the 3rd to the 2nd. How is the 3rd supposed to feel knowing this? Exiled perhaps? And a “first officer” brushing off a jr deckhand’s complaint of a DEPARTMENT HEAD ignorantly using a word she has no rights to? I’ll stop there. ??‍♀️

2 years ago

They deserve each other they’re both disrespectful
and lazy