Below Deck: Is Captain Lee Rosbach retiring from Bravo show soon?

Is Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck leaving the yachting show?
Captain Lee is the OG of the Below Deck franchise and fans adore him. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has been on Below Deck for nine seasons. The stud of the sea has become the face of the yachting franchise.

However, as new Below Deck spin-offs emerge and Captain Lee becomes focused on other projects, the rumor mill is buzzing he may retire from Below Deck soon. It’s hard to imagine the yachting show without him.

Captain Sean Meagher stepped in briefly for Captain Lee as Below Deck Season 9 kicked off. Below Deck fans were not happy with another captain taking over for the stud of the sea.

At age 71, Captain Lee doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. That hasn’t stopped Below Deck viewers from wondering how much longer he will be on the show. After all, he’s also focused on building a rehab center in honor of his late son Joshua and fighting for stricter drug laws.

Is Captain Lee retiring from Below Deck soon?

Along with Captain Lee missing the first couple of days of Season 9, Below Deck fans have noticed it seems like the captain is grooming Eddie Lucas to replace him on the show.

Eddie was promoted to first officer at the end of Season 8. Captain Lee let Eddie steer the My Seanna a couple of times during Season 9 too. Those two things make it seem like Eddie may take over for the captain someday.

So is that day going to happen anytime soon. ScreenRant asked Captain Lee that very question.

“I think retirement is highly overrated just because I have the best god***n job in the world,” the captain expressed.

“I guess as long as people want to see me, I’ll stick around,” he told the website.

It’s pretty safe to say Below Deck viewers will always want to see him on the show.

Plus, Hannah Ferrier recently spilled she would return to the Below Deck franchise if she could work with Captain Lee. Now that’s a team Below Deck fans can’t wait to see on-screen.

Captain Lee struggles with Below Deck Season 9 crew

The Below Deck Season 9 crew has found themselves in hot water with Captain Lee recently. Although it tends to happen at some point, this crew is pushing his buttons like crazy.

Captain Lee and stew Fraser Oldender had an exchange of words on social media. The captain blasted deckhand Jake Foulger for his poop story and naked public swimming on the show.

Then there are the deck team’s repeated mistakes, which seem to get worse each episode. Captain Lee is even losing his patience with Eddie and his actions this season.

Despite liking chief stew Heather Chase, Captain Lee wanted Francesca Rubi to return to the show and spilled why that didn’t happen.

Season 9 of Below Deck is in full swing, and the drama has geared up. All the craziness has been undermined by Captain Lee Rosbach’s love of doing the show. The captain has no plans to retire, which is music to Below Deck fans’ ears.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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