Below Deck fans threaten to stop watching after Captain Sandy Yawn shows up

Captain Sandy Yawn
Captain Sandy’s Below Deck Season 10 takeover is not sitting well with viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

During the latest episode of Below Deck Season 10, viewers learned that Below Deck Mediterranean figurehead Captain Sady Yawn was going to take over for Captain Lee Rosbach.

The OG Below Deck captain did not have the recovery from nerve damage that he had hoped for and was having trouble feeling and moving one side of his body. Captain Lee felt he could no longer carry out his job duties and needed to seek treatment from a doctor.

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers are fairly fresh off of Season 7 of the hit spinoff where Captain Sandy was at the helm in Malta.

Unlike some of the other Below Deck franchise captains, Captain Sandy takes a very hands-on managerial approach and often gets involved in issues between the crew where some of the other captains may have backed off.

For the way she captains, Sandy has been criticized by Below Deck Med viewers, and now that she is on OG Below Deck, those Captain Sandy critics are not happy.

Twitter has lit up with Below Deck viewers who have been knocking on Bravo’s choice to bring her in to take over for Captain Lee, with some even threatening to stop watching. In that same vein, there are Below Deck audience members who have been dishing out their negative opinions on Sandy and her piloting style in general.

Below Deck viewers react negatively to Captain Sandy Yawn on Season 10

One popular GIF on Twitter was of a man throwing a fit or having a meltdown in a sit-down desk area.

The meme read, “Me seeing Captain Sandy on my screen after I just got rid of her.”

There was a critic who didn’t hold back and tweeted, “Is there no other captain in the Bravoverse available other than Sandy Yawn? You can do better Bravo.”

Tweet about Captain Sandy Yawn
Pic credit: @wonder_star9/Twitter

In the comments of that tweet, another viewer wrote, “Agree!! I don’t watch if she’s on. Sandy is all about herself.”

Tweet about Captain Sandy Yawn
Pic credit: @wonder_star9/@pilotdave10/Twitter

A different disgruntled Below Deck fan slammed, “What the f**k. I despise Captain Sandy, here comes the micromanaging and breaking her neck to be in every scene. She has ruined this season for me.”

Tweet about Captain Sandy Yawn
Pic credit: @mstiffanylyn/Twitter

There was another take on Captain Sandy’s involvement with one viewer making the point, “Camille Ur free ride is over Captain Sandy is going to Micromanage ur azz to death U thought Alyssa was bad…. That was a cake walk compared to her.”

They used a GIF of Sandy famously saying “It’s not that hard” for emphasis.

In the comments of that tweet, yet another onlooker added, “Queen of micromanage and playing favs has arrived.”

Tweet about Captain Sandy Yawn
Pic credit: @thekushutmedown/@pilotdave10/Twitter

What can Below Deck viewers expect for the rest of the season?

Season 10 of Below Deck is only five episodes in, so there is a lot more charter season for the crew to get through.

Between boatmances becoming dramatic, Camille Lamb’s increasingly criticized behavior and work ethic, and the different personalities and power dynamics at play, there is a lot in store for the rest of the season.

Below Deck fans should keep watching to find out how everything goes down and how Captain Sandy will adjust to the crew and the yacht in the Caribbean.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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