Below Deck fans react after Rayna Lindsey shares heartbreaking stories of racism

Rachel Lindsey from Below Deck opened up about racism on the show and fans respond to it.
Rayna didn’t hold back while sharing her experience with racism with deckhand Wes. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have reacted after Rayna Lindsey shared heartbreaking stories of racism she has endured in her life.

Rayna and deckhand Wes O’Dell were having a casual conversation about yachting when he brought up the lack of Black people in the industry. She blamed it on racism then told Wes two horrible stories of racism she experienced.

An emotional Rayna recalled being beaten up by cops during one instance. Rayna also shared details about the time three white men beat her up in an elevator. The deckhand declared she doesn’t want children because she doesn’t want to put them through the same painful experiences.

Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert react to Rayna’s heartbreaking stories of racism

Although Wes admitted to having experience racism, too, it was nothing as intense as what Rayna has endured. The deckhand revealed he couldn’t imagine what Rayna has lived through.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host asked guest Jessica Albert if she knew about Rayna’s experiences with racism.

“Things came up here and there. I never got, you know, full stories like that. But hearing it is just heartbreaking. You don’t want anybody to go through that, especially someone like Rayna, who is an amazing girl. She doesn’t deserve something like that,” Jessica stated.

Below Deck fans react to Rayna Lindsey racism experiences

Twitter was buzzing with Below Deck fans reacting to what Rayna has endured. The social media platform was flooded with support for Rayna.

Some sent Rayna love, while others commented on her not wanting to have kids and how hard her experience was to hear.

Rayna gets love from Below Deck fans.
Pic credit: @megtheemaverick/Twitter, @JenBennsJourney/Twitter and @Spicenee/Twitter

One Twitter user declared it is hard to be a black woman in the United States. Some users decided colorful language was the best way to express their thoughts about the racism Rayna endured.

Rayna gets love from Below Deck fans over racism experiences.
Pic credit: @_LeeTaylor123/Twitter, @BravoMostly/Twitter and @MichelleisMusic/Twitter

In true social media fashion, not everyone had a positive reaction to what Rayna had gone through. A Twitter user called Rayna a liar and desperate for attention.

Below Deck fans accuses Rayna of being a liar.
Pic credit: @JakeJakiegg123/Twitter

Another Below Deck fan thought what Rayna endured was disgusted but admitted the story didn’t mean she deserved more sympathy because of her attitude.

Rayna Lindsey from Below Deck shared two traumatic stories of racism she has experienced in her life. Below Deck fans blew up Twitter with responses to what she has endured.

The episode took a quick turn from Rayna and Wes discussing her experiences with racism to the deck team imploding. Eddie Lucas isn’t happy with the deck crew, especially Rayna and Jake Foulger, who were fighting in front of guests.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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