Below Deck fans lose it over Eddie Lucas torching his hair on show

Eddie Lucas had Below Deck fans laughing out loud over lighting his hair on fire.
After five seasons on Below Deck, Eddie can still get fans talking. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are losing over Eddie Lucas torching his hair during the most recent episode of the hit yachting show.

Eddie has been the subject of a lot of buzzing over the five seasons he has appeared on Below Deck for various reasons. One example is Eddie’s laundry room hook-ups with Rocky Dakota on Season 3. Their tryst prompted production to add a camera in the laundry area.

These days, Eddie’s a little bit older, and for the most part, he’s more mature. However, in some instances, Eddie reminds Below Deck viewers of the good old days when he was causing some trouble.

Below Deck’s Eddie Lucas lights his hair on fire

Crew night out tends to be memorable on Below Deck, and Season 9 Episode 6 was no exception. Deckhand Jake Foulger got naked in a swimming pool at the restaurant bar the crew was at with stew Fraser Olender stripping down to his briefs.

The van ride home featured Fraser and Jake engaging in a serious kissing session. Chief stew Heather Chase recorded the two, which was good since neither of them remembered the smooch.

That wasn’t all either. Eddie decided to use a blowtorch to light a cigar. It went badly, resulting in Eddie torching his hair. The crew kept making comments about the crew area smelling like burnt hair.

Eddie wasn’t hurt, which made the moment even more hilarious for Below Deck fans to watch.

Below Deck fans lose it over Eddie Lucas torching his hair

Twitter couldn’t stop talking about Eddie and his torching hair incident. Below Deck fans were losing it over Eddie’s not-so-great moment.

One user shared a clip of the footage, calling it a laughing and crying moment all in one.

Other Twitter users wondered what Eddie was thinking at that moment. Most agreed that Eddie’s actions were hilarious.

Below Deck fans laugh at Eddie burning his hair.
Pic credit: @SoonerMimi59/Twitter, @Spicenee/Twitter, and @missdisengaging/Twitter

Eddie has been promoted to the first officer, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying some shenanigans with the Season 9 crew. Captain Lee Rosbach didn’t have anything to say about Eddie’s hair. The captain wasn’t too thrilled with Eddie not stopping Jake’s naked behavior.

“What in the hell were you thinking when you let Jake run naked thru a public restaurant. You didn’t think that reflected badly on the boat or himself. Both rules shot to hell. What do you think I may have done had I seen that? I know it’s a tough spot but that comes with the 3- stripe territory pal. It’s a fine line,” Captain Lee wrote in his weekly blog.

Eddie Lucas lighting his hair on fire on Below Deck has fans laughing out loud.

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Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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