Below Deck fans blast Heather Chase for scolding Fraser Olender, call out chief stew for slacking

Heather Chase from Below Deck is under fire for her behavior toward Fraser Olender on Season 9.
Heather and Fraser have hit another rough patch in their working relationship on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans blast Heather Chase for scolding Fraser Olender, calling out the chief for slacking while he worked.

As Below Deck Season 9 winds down, the drama has been amped up. The interior crew dynamic shifted when Heather’s pal, Kaylee Milligan, joined the team as a replacement stew for Jessica Albert. Fraser feared things would change, and boy was he right.

The most recent episode featured a moment involving Heather, Kaylee, and Fraser that left Below Deck viewers outraged.

Below Deck fans blast Heather for scolding Fraser Olender

On Below Deck Season 9 Episode 13, Heather asked Fraser to cover service while she had Kaylee braid her hair in the crew mess. Heather took the time to vent to Kaylee about Rayna Lindsey and Rachel Hargrove.

Then Captain Lee Rosbach came down to witness Heather getting her hair done. During that time, Fraser popped down for a hot second to drop lunch off after checking on the guests.

Heather scolded Fraser for his actions because she had told Fraser she would bring the items down to the crew mess once her hair was finished. She was not happy he ignored her order.

However, Fraser doing his job had a second to take care of it, so he did. The chief stew didn’t like it, especially since Captain Lee was there to see all three stews in the crew mess.

Twitter was Team Fraser all the way. One user called Fraser awesome and Heather a poop emoji.

Another user told Heather to take a seat, while a different one called her “loathsomely repugnant.”

Below Deck fans call out Heather Chase for slacking

The fact Heather yelled at Fraser for doing his job while she got her hair braided baffled Below Deck fans’ minds. Twitter exploded with users slamming Heather for her actions.

One user called Heather the “worst chief stew to date,” while a different Twitter user blasted Heather for cussing out Fraser as she chilled.

Oh yes, the consensus among Below Deck fans was Heather taking time to get her hair braided then yell at another stew for working was ridiculous. Twitter was Team Fraser for sure.

Captain Lee wasn’t thrilled with Heather’s actions in the crew. The captain commented on her chewing gum, which caused a tense moment with Heather.

One Twitter user captured the look on Captain Lee’s face as Heather got her hair done, and it was priceless.

Heather Chase from Below Deck has been blasted by fans for her actions toward Fraser Olender on the show. The chief stew has earned a lot of backlash this season since she said the N-word on camera.

The Season 9 finale is almost here. It will be interesting to see if things get better or worse between Heather and Fraser.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Barbara Aucoin
Barbara Aucoin
2 years ago

I was shocked that Capt Lee didn’t fire Heather on the spot when he saw her getting her hair braided while there were awake guests on board. I sure would have!