Below Deck Down Under chef Ryan McKeown teases, ‘I’d let them put me in my place’

Ryan Mckeown, Hannah Ferrier, and Kate Chastain
Chef Ryan McKeown from Below Deck Down Under remarked about two chief stews he would want to work with. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under chef Ryan McKeown shared two chief stew partnerships that he would not mind taking direction from.

Ryan has famously had a tumultuous and volatile relationship with Down Under chief stew Aesha Scott, and viewers have seen the pair butt heads several times this season.

With that in mind, Ryan shared a picture of himself that featured OG Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain and Below Deck Med veteran chief stew Hannah Ferrier. The daunting pair were photoshopped, standing behind Ryan in leather with whips.

A caption was also shared over the video that alluded to Ryan being okay to work with either of them.

Below Deck Down Under chef Ryan McKeown joked about the chief stew partnerships he wants

Chef Ryan feels there are two chief stew and chef partnerships that he could see himself working in amid the backlash and flak he’s gotten for his relationship with Aesha on Down Under.

Ryan used the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin over a photoshopped photo of himself leaning over something as Kate and Hannah stood behind him looking fierce, holding whips.

The caption over the photo read, “I’d let them put me in my place!”

He also hashtagged “#RespectIsEarned,” at the bottom of the video.

Ryan McKeown's Instagram story
Chef Ryan teased about two chief stews he would want to work with. Pic credit: @chefryanmckeown/Instagram

Ryan’s motives for posting the entertaining picture and message remain unclear. It’s possible that Ryan was purposely making a dig at Aesha, or he may have just wanted to express his feelings on chief stews he would feel confident about working with.

Chef Ryan Mckeown grows annoyed easily on charter

Below Deck Down Under viewers have seen chef Ryan get annoyed by several things while on charter.

He made it clear that he wanted guests to operate on his time and not make individual orders. He told Aesha not to tell the guests what food they were having and scolded her when she did.

Ryan’s temper has flared when there have been any guest complaints about the food or when he has had to cook more food.

When Aesha asked Ryan how many yachts he had worked on, he responded with a jab asking her how many vacuums she had pushed and did not answer the question that was asked.

The thing that appears to cheer Ryan up while working on the yacht are visits from his boat crush Magda Ziomek.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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