Below Deck Down Under: Captain Jason Chambers reveals advice Hannah Ferrier gave him before filming the show

What advice did Hannah Ferrier give Captain Jason Chambers before he joined Below Deck Down Under?
Thanks to yachting careers, Captain Jason and Hannah have been friends for years. Pic credit: @captainjchambers/Instagram and Peacock

Below Deck Down Under’s Captain Jason Chambers has revealed the advice he received from his good friend Hannah Ferrier before filming the latest Below Deck spin-off.

As Below Deck fans know, Hannah spent four and half seasons on Below Deck Mediterranean. The former chief stew helped kick off Below Deck Med, so she knows the pressure that Captain Jason faces launching a new show.

On an episode of her podcast, Dear Reality, You’re Effed!, Hannah revealed her friendship with the hunky captain. She also spilled there’s so much more to Captain Jason than his good looks.

As Below Deck Down Under gets underway on Peacock, Captain Jason has shed more light on his friendship with Hannah and how she got him involved in the franchise.

What advice did Hannah Ferrier give to Captain Jason Chambers before Below Deck Down Under filmed?

The newest captain in the hit-yachting franchise revealed that he had only seen bits and pieces of Below Deck before landing on Below Deck Down Under. After he was officially cast on the show, Captain Jason binge batched the entire franchise in about four weeks.

In an interview with Bravo Insider, Captain Jason admitted that knowing someone who had been through the Below Deck experience made things easier for him.

“I know Hannah through a mutual friend. She’s a Sydney girl, so I did reach out to her before the show, starting to ask her opinion about me going on the show,” he said.

Captain Jason also explained that Hannah’s advice and positive attitude helped him so much.

“She just said, ‘Just go on there and be yourself and do what you do and just remember you’re there to enjoy that.’ And that’s kind of me to a T. So, it was an easy fit,” Captain Jason expressed.

Hannah Ferrier and Captain Jason have a reunion

Not long after news broke, Captain Jason was helming Below Deck Down Under, he shared a picture of a previous reunion with Hannah.

“Quick catch up with this awesome friend last year, it was a great preparation for #belowdeckdownunder #hannahferrier. #peacocktv #bravo #belowdeck,” he captioned the Instagram post.

Hannah used Instagram stories to gush over her friend and his new show. She also mentioned her pal Aesha Scott who takes on the chief stew role on Below Deck Down Under.

Hannah and Captain Jason.
Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Aesha and Hannah met on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, quickly becoming close friends.

Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott had a mutual friend in Hannah Ferrier while filming Below Deck Down Under. Perhaps the Below Deck Mediterranean alum will be brought up at some point during Season 1.

Have you watched Below Deck Down Under yet?

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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