Below Deck Down Under: Aesha Scott reflects on Jack Stirrup relationship, reveals if she regrets romance

Jack and Aesha had a boatmance on Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo and Peacock

Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott has reflected on her relationship with Jack Stirrup and revealed if she regrets their romance.

Aesha and Jack met on Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean. It was both of their first seasons on the hit yachting show.

Like most Below Deck boatmances, Jack and Aesha’s relationship didn’t last long. They did leave the Sirocco yacht together when the cameras stopped rolling, focused on giving the romance a try on land.

However, once back home, Jack chose to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Hidge. They welcomed their first child, a son, in 2020.

As Aesha gears up to help launch Below Deck Down Under, she’s looking back on her time with Jack on Below Deck Med.

Does Aesha Scott regret her relationship with Jack Stirrup?

In an interview with Page Six, Aesha opened up about her relationship with Jack. Aesha even spilled if she had any regrets about the boatmance.

“It was a fun time, and I don’t regret it. He made doing that season that much more fun, and I loved his company. It was a great time,” the chief stew expressed.

Aesha admitted that when Jack went back to Kelly, he was very apologetic to her. While they haven’t spoken in a while, Aesha has no ill will towards her ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t like to hold grudges and kind of keep a negative energy in my space. If someone is sorry and I feel like they’re genuine, I’m going to forgive them and move on,” she explained.

Although she has no hard feelings towards Jack, Aesha doesn’t feel the need to maintain a friendship with him. They are at different points in their lives, but she cherishes their time together on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Aesha has found the one in her boyfriend Scotty Dobbo

The New Zealand native has been dating her boyfriend, Scotty Dobbo, for a couple of years. They became Instagram official in summer 2020 but were together before she went public with the relationship.

Aesha revealed she knows Scotty’s the one, and they have talked about their future together.

“We really want to get married and have some kids. We talk about that all the time and spending our life together. But it’s one of those things where we’re not in any rush,” Aesha spilled to the website.

The brunette beauty praised her man for being nothing but supportive of her return to reality television on Below Deck Down Under.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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