Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach tweets stern message to Ashton Pienaar and Tanner Sterback

Below Deck's Captain Lee sends message to Tanner and Ashton.
Captain Lee is not happy with the behavior of two of his crew members. Pic credit: Bravo

The most recent episode of Below Deck still has fans talking days after it aired. It was drama-filled, to say the least. Temper tantrums were thrown and not by the children on the charter.

After watching the show, Captain Lee Rosbach used Twitter to send a stern message to Ashton Pienaar and Tanner Sterback.

He showed that he is disgusted by the way the two men in his command acted towards Kate Chastain, prompting the chief stew to storm off the boat declaring she was quitting the reality TV show.

“I have no excuse for the behavior of either of those boys, not men, boys. Tanner, you can’t even talk, let alone think. Ashton, you have crossed the line so far; it’s unbelievable. You both should be ashamed of your actions. Lucky I wasn’t there, or neither of you would have been,” the captain tweeted.

Ashton’s actions in the van were beyond disturbing. He flew into a rage when Kate asked about his mom.

The bosun repeatedly tried to attack Kate and nearly punched chef Kevin Dobson in the process. If Kevin had not been there, Ashton could have very well physically hurt Kate.

Tanner helped defend Kate, but it was only after the second or third time Ashton tried to get to her. Then Tanner had the audacity to kiss Kate after the ordeal went down.

Granted, she didn’t push him away like she did Ashton. However, that still doesn’t excuse him doing the same thing Ashton did early in the episode.

Twitter, for the most part, agreed with Captain Lee’s remarks. Fans seemed furious with Ashton’s misogynistic behavior towards women.

Tanner is no better either with the way he was talking about Simone Mashile behind her back. Plus, Tanner was so intoxicated he could barely stand as Ashton confronted Kate on the boat.

Both guys are coming under fire on social media for their actions towards all the females on the crew, especially Kate and Rhylee Gerber.

Ashton has apologized again for his horrific behavior, but fans are over it. Tanner has yet to respond to the episode on social media. Neither of them reacted to Captain Lee’s tweet either.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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