Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach reveals why Michael Durham and Justin Richards got to stay

Captain Lee from Below Deck reacts to Michale Durham and Justin Richards behavior.
Captain Lee doesn’t hold back when sharing his feelings about Below Deck charter guests Justin and Michael. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star, Captain Lee Rosbah, has slammed charter guests Michael Durham and Justin Richards. The captain has also revealed why they got to stay on the luxury yacht.

Justin, Michael, and Terri Augustyn Foss have been deemed the worst charter guests ever by Season 9 crew member Fraser Olender. Captain Lee’s assessment isn’t that much different from the stews.

While the rest of the group behaved appropriately, Michael, Terri, and Justin’s actions were beyond disrespectful. Michael and Terri insulted Captain Lee, while Justin told chief stew Heather Chase to go “f**k yourself.”

When Captain Lee found out what Justin did, he had a “Come to Jesus” meeting with Michael and his friend. In a shocking twist of events, the captain didn’t kick them off the My Seanna.

Now the stud of the sea has shared his thoughts on the guests, who did end the charter better than it started.

Below Deck’s Captain Lee slams Michael Durham and Justin Richards

Captain Lee uses his blog to open up about the crew and guests after each Below Deck episode. The captain used his platform to slam Justin and Michael over their actions.

Although he addressed the whole group, other than Terri, Justin, and Michael, the rest of the guests were very respectful.

“I have done probably hundreds of charters. Some were great, some not so much. But in all that time, I do not recall a group that I had more dislike for than this bunch.”

“Believe me, I have tried to come up with a descriptive term for how out of place they were, but I couldn’t think of one I could print, and let me tell you something that speaks volumes. In case anyone missed it, I am from Michigan.”

“Just wanted to set the record straight for clarification. I do hope I don’t have the displeasure of having these people on my boat again,” the captain wrote.

Why did Captain Lee allow Justin and Michael to stay on My Seanna?

Many Below Deck fans were shocked that Captain Lee didn’t immediately kick at least Justin off the My Seanna following his abusive behavior. The captain shed light on that in his most recent blog post.

“Well, what a difference a day makes plus one “Come to Jesus” meeting. I personally was glad to see it happen. No one wants to end everyone’s vacation just because of a bad decision of a couple of people and their subsequent behavior.”

“So, I was more than happy to see these two shape up, so all didn’t have to ship out. Happy for them, happy for the crew. I certainly didn’t want to take them back to the dock, nor did I want to ruin their holiday, but there are lines and when they get crossed there are consequences,” Captain Lee explained.

The chapter on Below Deck charter guests Justin Richards and Michael Durham is closed for now. There’s no doubt that the group will not be the last ones to cause drama for Captain Lee Rosbach and crew during Below Deck Season 9.

Did you agree with Captain Lee letting Michael and Justin stay?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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