Below Deck Adventure viewers debate whether Jess Condy is the ‘rudest’ chef

Jess Condy
Below Deck Adventure chef Jess Condy is being judged online. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure viewers are nine episodes in to the premiere season of the Below Deck spinoff and have gotten to know the crew aboard the motor yacht, Mercury pretty well by now.

That said, chef Jessica (Jess) Condy has had several kitchen meltdowns that have spilled over into ugly situations that affected the way she was perceived by her fellow crew members. Viewers have taken notice of Jess’ behavior as well and have been forming judgments and opinions too.

The Below Deck Adeventure audience watched Jess throw her crew members under the bus in front of the guests, snap at Captain Kerry Titheradge, and blast the deck crew. She has also had some kitchen mishaps, and the way she’s handled them has also rubbed viewers the wrong way.

Jess has owned up to her bad behavior and mistakes and even said she likes to solve any issues she’s created before she goes to bed so that she doesn’t lose sleep or focus over it. However, it looks like Jess’ attitude has turned off enough Below Deck Adventure viewers to the point where they’ve given her a bad label.

On Twitter, Jess was called out as the “worst” and “rudest” chef in the history of Below Deck.

The assertions opened up a discussion in the Twitter thread about Jess and her attitude compared to some of the other notably wild and widely criticized chefs from the Below Deck franchise. And, the reviews were mixed.

Below Deck Adventure viewers dispute if Jess Condy is the ‘rudest’ chef

One Below Deck Adventure viewer sounded off on Twitter about Jess, saying, “I think Jess might be the worst and rudest chef in Below Deck history.”

The contention caused other Below Deck fans to share their opinions, and their outlooks were varied.

One critic attested, “Um you must’ve not seen Ryan or Leon then…”

Tweet about Jess Condy
Pic credit: @gringojax/Twitter

Another critic brought up Below Deck Down Under Season 1 chef Ryan McKeown by sharing a gif of him saying, “That’s how it’s done,” adding with their comment, “‘Chef’ Ryan has some thoughts on this…”

There was a different person who thought Below Deck Med Season 6 chef Mathew Shea was worthy of the “worst chef” title while calling Jess the “rudest.”

Someone else summarized, “Worse: Ryan, Leon, nachos chick. But, agreed, Jess is insufferable.”

Tweet about Jess Condy
Pic credit: @gringojax/Twitter

Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Med and Sailing Yacht was brought up with the reviewer saying he took “the cake” for the worst and rudest chef.

Below Deck Season 3 chef, Leon Walker also got a mention and there was another who doubled down on Ryan.

Regarding Jess, someone called her a “negative Nancy for sure.”

Tweet about Jess Condy
Pic credit: @gringojax/Twitter

Jess Condy maintained a good relationship with the interior

While tensions on the yacht might have been high for the Below Deck Adventure crew, it seems the women of the interior bonded enough and overcame any lingering issues they had with each other.

This is proven by the fact that Jess, chief stew Faye Clarke, and stewardesses Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah all went on holiday to Croatia after the charter season.

Faye shared a photo of the foursome enjoying their time together in front of a beautiful backdrop.

In the caption, Faye wrote, “Croatia with my all female interior crew! Yep we went on holiday together after filming!”

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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