Below Deck Adventure stew Kasie Faddah shows off impressive flexibility and yoga strength

Kasie Faddah
Kasie Faddah showed off her strength and flexibility to Below Deck Adventure fans. Pic credit: @kasie.faddah/Instagram

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 stewardess Kasie Faddah has already shown off her flexibility on the show at the request of a guest, but now she’s gracing her fans with more.

The former Mormon from Utah, who moved to Costa Rica when she was younger, has a fondness for yoga and centering herself.

Her strength and yoga abilities were on point as she showed part of her flow while she appeared to be on a yacht deck. In the video, Kasie was holding herself up in a starfish position with one arm and the side of one foot planted. Her other foot and arm extended above her as she wore her hair in pigtails.

She grabbed her foot in the air with her hand and pulled her leg closer toward her head for a big stretch. She then maneuvered her body into a bridge position with her arms and legs planted and her back arched before reaching her left leg into the air.

While her caption simply remarked, “Holiday season = busy season in the world of yachting,” a little lightly-colored font message appeared over the video.

In it, Kasie said, “Enjoying moments of rest, moments to myself, before the next charter guests arrive and we are off again for a few days.” She let fans know that the holiday season is one of the busiest in yachting and that things move fast and “non-stop.” She noted that it was, “an important time to reconnect with my practice, to stay grounded and grateful for all that is ahead.”

Kasie Faddah is close to the women of her Below Deck Adventure crew

Chief stew Faye Clarke recently shared a post that let Below Deck Adventure fans in on the fact that the four female crew members got along well enough to all go to Croatia together after the charter season.

At the beginning of the season, Oriana Schneps had unfavorable things to say about Kasie’s work ethic and accent, and Kasie didn’t have kind things to say about Oriana’s chief stew style from when they last worked together.

As BDA fans have seen in the trailer for the season, chef Jess Condy and Faye will get into a snarly situation as well.

In any case, the photo that Faye shared depicted all four ladies laughing and having a drink together as Faye remarked in the caption, “Croatia with my all female interior crew! Yep we went on holiday together after filming!”

Will Kasie Faddah have a boatmance this season?

Below Deck Adventure viewers have seen Kasie have a few talks with deckhand Mike Gilman and he expressed interest in her during a private interview.

In her beginning interview, Kasie did say that she was trying to have her legs in the air as much as possible, and while she didn’t say Mike was her type, she didn’t write things off with him.

With plenty more to come this season, it’s possible that viewers could watch another Below Deck hookup.

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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