Bee D’vine on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this honey wine special and where to buy it

Bee DVine Shark Tank
Bee D’Vine hopes to impress the Sharks with honey wine on Shark Tank tonight / Pic credit: ABC

Ayele Solomon hopes to sell his pitch to the Sharks on Shark Tank tonight. He sells honey wine called Bee D’Vine.

Ayele is a conservationist and got the idea for his honey wine while in Ethiopia. They have a similar wine called t’ej.

It is not your typical wine because it is made with raw honey and pure spring water. According to the website, it is made in small batches and is aged for several years.

It is a very sweet wine, with floral notes. There are several different flavors including honey wine, sparkling honey wine, and grape wine.

Bee D’Vine is a sweet honey wine

There are also sweeter and drier versions. It has hints of almond and jasmine. It has 12.5 percent alcohol.

The bottles are also very beautiful, so it would make a great holiday gift. Right now, they are having a sale to celebrate being on Shark Tank.

Bee D'Vine wine
Pic credit: BeeDVine Facebook

The sale even gives a hint at what the Sharks might think. For instance, one flavor is Lori’s favorite, while another is Mark’s favorite.

You can also purchase different sizes and the prices range from about $29 to over $350 depending on the type and size.

Bee D’Vine has already been featuring in Food & Wine Magazine and the TODAY show.

Ray Isle, the Wine Editor at Food & Wine Magazine writes, “My experience is that most mead is revolting… one exception is Bee d’Vine.”

Proceeds go to help the environment

Bee D'Vine
Pic credit: BeeDVine Facebook

Proceeds from each bottle of wine go to help a province in Ethiopia named Kafa. It helps beehive conservation efforts and helps save forests.

Other proceeds are going to protecting endangered bees and helping beekeepers. So not only are you getting a great wine, but helping the environment when you make a purchase.

Find out if the Sharks will back Bee D’Vine tonight or if they won’t bite.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of wine and purchasing, click here to visit Bee D’Vine’s website.

They also sell a book that explains more about what honey wine is, how to serve it properly, and their conservation efforts.

It certainly sounds like a very interesting concept and very delicious. Perfect for the holidays coming up!

Shark Tank airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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