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Becca Kufrin shares how she’s convincing Tia Booth to come to California

Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin suggests a certain food is the best way to Tia Booth’s heart. Pic credit: @bkoof/Instagram

Tia Booth is preparing for many life changes as she gets ready to marry her fiance Taylor Mock and become a mother. 

Becca Kufrin, Tia’s Bachelor Nation best friend, also wants Tia to make a big move to California.

Recently, Becca shared text message screenshots revealing her tactic in convincing Tia to head to California with her and her fiance Thomas Jacobs. 

Becca Kufrin attempts to lure Tia Booth to California with pizza 

Becca Kufrin took to her Instagram stories and gave followers an insight into her and Tia Booth’s text exchanges. 

In the text screenshot, Becca tried to sell Tia on California, writing, “Thomas will have a full itinerary for you of where he will take you so be prepared. But if you’re still craving pizza we will take you to our favorite spot on Coronado.” 

Tia replied with an audio message and added, “Pizza always.” 


Thomas Jacobs also replied by teasing Becca, who he often loving refers to as “Boops.” 

Thomas wrote, “also demo should be done and the guest house will be open by that time Boops is trippin. We just won’t have floors, a full kitchen, a front yard, finished walls, a laundry room or furniture in place BUT THINK OF THE FRIENDSHIP!!!!!” 

Becca appeared confident that pizza was enough of a selling point as she wrote under the text thread, “Operation get [Tia Booth] and [Taylor Mock} to California in full effect! Just say pizza and she’s there.” 

Becca Kufrin's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bkoof/Instagram

Tia Booth announced pregnancy with Taylor Mock

Tia shared the big news about her pregnancy on Father’s day, delighting friends, fans, and bestie Becca Kufrin. 

Sharing black and white photos with fiance Taylor Mock, Tia got vulnerable in her caption as she made the announcement. 

As Monsters and Critics reported, Tia expressed in her post, “This has undoubtedly been my most challenging season thus far. I’ve never felt such overwhelming sadness and pure joy at the same time. It’s been difficult to be grateful for the good as if one of the most important people in my life is missing the celebration. While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do.”

She continued: “Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this. Happy heavenly Father’s Day to the first man I ever loved and Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day to my forever🤍.” 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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