Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay pass ‘Bachelorette Bible’ to Clare Crawley, admit Hannah Brown didn’t get it

Bachelorette stars Becca Kufrin, Rachel Lindsay, Clare Crawley and Hannah Brown
Becca and Rachel admit there’s a Bachelorette Bible but that Hannah Brown didn’t get it. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay have revealed that there is a “Bachelorette Bible” that gets passed from one star of The Bachelorette to the next that will be headed to Clare Crawley. But somehow, the Bible wasn’t passed to Hannah Brown.

The reveal came on Tuesday as Becca and Rachel chatted on the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast.

Apparently, the “very helpful” guide to being the Bachelorette didn’t make it past Becca Kufrin, meaning that Hannah Brown missed out on the advice of those who came before her.

Becca and Rachel explain the Bachelorette Bible

“Right before you hopped on I did a little digging in a bunch of boxes in my apartment and I found the Bachelorette Bible that Rachel, Kaitlyn and JoJo made for me,” Becca told Clare. “I met them night one before I met the guys, and they gave me the Bachelorette Bible.”

According to Becca, the Bachelorette Bible was really helpful during her season. She found the advice of the women that came before her to be very valuable while navigating the show in hopes of finding love.

“They have some great things written in here,” Becca said. “I think we need to add our own and write some more stuff in and then I’ll send it to you. This was so good to carry on and pass down.”

Hannah Brown didn’t get help from previous Bachelorette stars

As Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay chatted about the value of the Bachelorette Bible, they shared that Hannah Brown didn’t get the book that others found so informative.

Rachel was quick to blame Becca for the mishap. After all, she was The Bachelorette right before Hannah and would have been the last person to have it in her possession.

Becca passed the blame on to her mother, who she said had it all packed up, “because it was in her basement for the past two years.”

However, the book seems to be a brand new Bachelorette idea. Rachel admitted that it wasn’t actually passed down from one Bachelorette star to the next- it started with Becca Kufrin’s season when the women who came before her put it together.

“Truth be told, it was an idea that started with your season, Becca. We didn’t have it before,” Rachel explained.

The Bachelorette Bible sounds like it will be incredibly helpful to the new star,  Clare Crawley. Maybe, with the help of the women who have been through this process, Clare will be more successful in finding love than Hannah Brown was.

After all, both Rachel and Becca did find love on The Bachelorette and are still with the men whose proposals they accepted on the show.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus. 

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