Bear Brown takes Alaskan Bush People fans inside his home only to end up under attack

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown lives in a little cozy storage unit home.

Bear, who has a new son River with Raiven Adams, gave fans of the show a video look inside his home to show them around.

What resulted was a huge danger to all.

Bear Brown’s Alaskan Bush People home full of hornets

River was coming to visit his father at his home and Bear knew he had to get the place ready for the toddler.

This meant making it as safe as possible and that wasn’t easy.

On the last episode of Alaskan Bush People, when Bear went into the storage unit home, it was full of hornets.

There were some hornets dead on the ground and there were more of them flying around inside the small unit.

Bear revealed to his sister Rain that the wind pushed the window open and the hornets all flew in through the crack.

“There’s a wasp up there, they’re working on a nest. So, definitely need to clear out the wasps,” Bear told her. This wasn’t going to be easy because there were plenty of nooks and crannies where they could hide.

Bear also had to make the home safe in other areas as well. There were lots of things lying around that the toddler could cut himself on. He even threw some tweezers at the nightstand and they stuck in the wood.

“These things are a little bit sharp to have laying around,” Bear said. “It’s really important to get the [place] nice and clean. That way it’s 100 percent safe for River because he’s just a little tiny baby.”

Rain also worked hard to make sure nothing in the home would make River sick if he put it in his mouth.

“I am just so excited for River to visit the mountain for the first time. To the Bush home,” Bear said. “And to have River up here, actually breathing in that mountain air, being in my arms…I just couldn’t be more excited.”

Bear and Raiven’s Alaskan Bush People relationship

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have broken up before. She split from him when she was pregnant and placed a restraining order against him.

She dropped the restraining order and had the baby on March 9, 2020. They had a custody battle for River, but that all worked out and the two got back together in September 2020.

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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Rodriguez Joyce
Rodriguez Joyce
2 years ago

Love your show been watching from beginning miss your dad alot

2 years ago

Ok, so he had to get rid of some wasps! Since he wasn’t able to have his son around, he could keep his home how he wanted! Living in town while trying to rebuild, how would he know?! He DID clean it up, moved the dangerous stuff, end of story. So glad everyone passing judgement is sitting in an absolutely spotless, perfect home, while YOUR little ones are there!

2 years ago

People just need leave the Alaskan bush people alone they are going through alot right now …and u people that bashing them really needs to have some dam respect

Barbara Aucoin
Barbara Aucoin
2 years ago
Reply to  Angel

In general, all people deserve respect but some much more than others. What has Bear and his family done to deserve more than that? He didn’t even bother to marry his girlfriend before she got pregnant. :-(